No Free Agency, No Big Deal??

I thought I might post some thoughts about the unique situation this year and give everyone a reason to discuss how this critical offseason may affect the future of the Broncos. This is my attempt to break up the monotonous bombardment of mock drafts with a few random thoughts. So hear me out as we take the jump

I am beginning to feel like the lack of Free Agency may benefit the Broncos more than it hurts.  My initial reaction was this is really going to hurt our chances of turning things around next year, but now I think…maybe not. 


I felt that without FA the Broncos would not be able to trade Orton for picks and not be able to fill all of our holes before the draft, leaving us with more major needs than actual draft picks and we would be hurt by the lockout more than most teams because of our lack of talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball. After some contemplation and a small epiphany today I realized that FA will still happen at some point, therefore having the draft first may not be so bad.  Here are my thoughts:


1)  Orton may not have been traded anyway and, although I love Tebow, it may be more advantageous for Orton to start next year and let Tebow take one more year to improve his QB skills before he returns to lead this team.  In addition, because of the major QB needs of so many teams and no way to address the most important NFL position in free agency, the Broncos #2 pick (especially with the Bills and Bengals needing a QB and sitting at 3 and 4) increases in value dramatically, allowing us to trade down and stockpile a couple of more solid picks to work with in a deep defensive draft.  


2)  The most successful franchises have a reputation for taking the best player available when it comes to the draft.  The idea is that because they have decent players everywhere they do not have to focus on needs.  My thinking with the Broncos is kinda the opposite and that without having free agency to fill any of our needs we will have so many holes that we can take the best player available and it will fill a need; TE, RT, RB, DT(2), LB(2), and S all need to be addressed. .  This will allow us to take the best player available in the draft and then aim to fill the rest of the holes with FAs when everything is straightened out.  No limitations in the draft could actually be extremely beneficial for our beloved Broncos.


3)  I have come to the realization that unless a miracle happens there is no way the Broncos will find impact players to fill every major need.  It will take at least 2, maybe 3 years to improve the overall talent of the team and to groom our young guys into future impact players, meaning that whether we trade Orton for a pick or two this year or we are stuck trading him for picks next year the impact in a few years will most likely be the same. In addition, being able to take advantage of the talent strengths of this draft will allow us a better chance of getting the 4 starters we need and reducing our time of recovery.  I also think that with so many needs we won’t have to pass on that 1st rd talent that drops to the 2nd just because it doesn’t fill a need.


Ultimately, if the Broncos can manage a 1st round trade down to gather another 2nd and another mid-

round pick then the fact that Free Agency is still on hold will only benefit them, especially in the long run.  If not, then only having 7 picks to fill 7 needs is going to be a little rough and we will have to hope for some guys to step up or free agency comes sooner than later. 

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