Pre-Season Prediction and Accountability Time!

So during the pre-season I created a post that contained my season prediction and analysis and asked for your predictions as well. I there were a number of comments and even more predictions, and one of the main points of the post was that I would hold myself and those who choose to predict the 2010 season accountable after the season ended.

Well it seems I forgot about the post until I was reviewing my post history, and after finding it, I immediately reviewed the comments and created this post. So while I was far off the mark in my prediction, lets jump right into how you and I fared in terms of predicting how the 2010 season would go. Now I tried to keep all comments in context, either using the whole comment, or the main point of the comment, if I misused or misunderstood your words, please let me know and I will fix it.

The Predictions:


Record: 9-7, A winning record, 2nd in the division!

While this has a note that it can go +/- 1 game either way, I still see us having a winning year no matter what, we have made quite a few improvements... I (think) we finish 2-4 in the division, but we play in a more competitive division then most think, and it's not a sign of how bad we are, rather a sign of the quality of the other teams in our division...Now I don't think we will make the playoffs, just because I feel there are other team that will be so close in the wild-card race, that I don't think 9-7 will be good enough.

So I was about five games off the mark and we finished 4th in the division, but I was correct about the division being more competitive, with San Diego and Kansas City having winning records and Oakland sweeping the division. And like I said , 9-7 wouldn't have been enough to get us into the playoffs. We did worse then I predicted in terms of division play, only going 1-5. So not a great prediction on my part for how the Broncos would play, but the division played out how I expected.


8-8, 2nd in the division. Playing it safe, I know, but I just don’t see enough to make us really conteders among the top teams in the conference just yet.

Orange and Blue:

I say 9-7 too. We’ll upset one of the good teams but lose to a crummy one we shouldnt.


Baltimore, Jets, San Diego, and Indy. Lets be real, if the Broncos can beat Dallas like they did last year, then it is not out of the realm of possibility that we could beat these teams as well. These team have issues too for example:
The Jets – Sanchez is not that good … there offense will struggle all season.
Baltimore – Well there are issues with the CB’s
San Diego – I still do not think they are what the media plays them up to be, esp without their best receiver and starting left tackle
Indy – well I am stretching here but they have not had a perfect season and they can be beat on a good night.

I personally think that if the Broncos have the ability to win every game they play, that does not mean that the Broncos will win every game, but no game they play is a right off.

My prediction is that if the Broncos stay healthy 11-5!


I originally said 10-6

but at this final hour after more careful thought I’m regrettable changing it to 7-9. And I expect everybody to hold me to that.


10-6 or 11-5 IF we can get healthy and stay that way. Could become disastrous if the wrong injuries occur or there are any setbacks(Clady, Moreno)


i haven’t seen much that says denver can stop the run. guys like chris johnson, mjd and jamaal charles could get ugly on us. I’m not real confident in our own running game either, and if that ain’t working it’s on orton. kyle looked good in preseason but i’m still dubious about him. i’m as curious about this team as everyone else though. i could see the broncs pulling out 10 or 11 wins or i could see the wheels come off altogether. here’s hoping for the former.

prediction: 8-8.


I end up at an 8-8 prediction. I could see us doing better if we have been keeping the defensive strategy under wraps, and if the injury situation resolves itself, but I’m not willing to call that until I actually see evidence of it.
This is a bit of a depressing prediction for me…prior to the onslaught of injuries, which I think influenced the roster picks more than I would have liked, I was fairly confident of a 9-7, with hopes of a 10-6 record.

Tim Lynch:

I would have voted 11-5, I think we split the Chargers and sweep the Faders. ;-)

I also think we beat a few of the good teams we lost too and lose to a few of the bad ones... and we win the AFC West


I predict we will be on track for a 10+ win season early on – winning one of the 3 games that should be losses (Indy, Baltimore, Jets). Denver is a team on the rise.

However, as much as I hate to say this… I think the injury bug that plagued us so much during TC and preseason hasn’t been eradicated yet. We lose a key player on both O and D to injury around the mid-point of the season. The team gives a scrappy fight for the remainder of the season, but doesn’t have the depth yet to overcome injuries and ends up 8-8 and out of playoff contention.

The silver lining is our rooks and backups get needed experience, and when the starters return we are primed for a playoff run in 2011.

Jason Whitte:

7-9. I’m just not that optimistic this year. I think we’re trending the right way, but I think that this year we take a step back while we continue to rebuild the defensive line, and I don’t anticipate Jamal Williams being available the entire season.

I hope that I’m wrong, and would dearly love a 10-6 record, I can’t see it.


10-6. I’ve been saying it before our first preseason game, but I think 10-6 and 2nd in the division… maybe 1st in the division if the Chargers blow some big ones!


I see 10-6.Split the home/away with Oak and SD both – Sweep KC

The game to watch is against Indy – we have many question marks about our defense and O line – they have two weeks to settle in before meeting one of the truely elite teams in the league. A good tight performance, even in a losing effort, would do much to cement the squad and propel them to the next level. I expect the same prep that McD put into the Pats game last year – but Manning is just a little too much to handle at this point in our development.


Dolts go 10-6 also. Typical SD slow start and they give up divisional games they might win latter in the year – end up with a 3-3 divisional record. Broncos at 10-6 and a 4-2 divisional record takes the division ….. and we finish strong in December to set up a playoff run

If I had more confidence in the lines I think we could be better than 8-8. But I am not. With that said, I do agree the Chiefs and Raiders got better but did they get that much better? I think not. Our problem is we dont know just how much better we have really gotten. We have seen signs in the preseason like
A. Better scoring in the redzone
B. Throwing the ball down the field more
C. significantly improved Special Teams

But::: our not knowing on the rushing front. Not knowing if we can stop the run. almost equates those improvements out.
 I hope they are 10-6 or better but not holding my breath we are better than 8-8


I haven’t been able to come off of my 6-10 prediction, but I certainly would not complain if the Broncos follow your script.


9-7. if we are pimarily healthy, 10-6


9-7, 2nd in the division. IF we stay healthy. My hope all along has been 11-5, but in reality, I think the decade-long playoff run begins next year and Super Bowl contenders the year after that. I am excited for our young depth.

Nick Cast:

8-8, until Denver proves we aren’t

Santa Fe Bronc:

10-6 and a Surprising Playoff Run! Yep, mark me down. We’re, not going to lose all the away game in our division. And I actually think we can beat the Jets. I think it will be an interesting game as their strength is running and ours is passing. I call that a toss-up possibly giving Denver an even better record.

I think we can say good-bye to folding in the stretch. The culture of football in the Bronco’s clubhouse is changing and I think that’s where the public will first notice it. After what are arguably 6 upsets in a row last year, McD said he couldn’t find a way for the team to recover from loses. You know he’s worked on this mentally and emotionally with the team, and I think we’re going to see the fruits of that labor this season—remember most of those upsets last year were against playoff teams.

That’s why I think that once Denver breaks the bubble of folding in the stretch, they will be a formidable playoff opponent. Hopefully they line and rbs will be healthy, and other injuries limited. If that’s the case, we a lock to win the wild card round, and possibly the divisional round as well. What the Jets did last year, the Broncos will do this year.

There you have it Mr. Demon. And if you try to torment me with my predictions at a later date, you’ll have to deal with some formidable exorcists I know!


But looking at the schedule, I really don’t see why we couldn’t be a 12-4 team… IMO the Chiefs and Raiders are that much improved, and I also don’t think the Chargers are as good as they’ve been in the past. 4 wins in the division seems very doable to me. (1 loss to the chargers and a slip against one of the other two).

I think we can take the Jags, Seahawks, Titans, Jets, 49ers, Rams, Cardinals and Texans

Even on the other two, I could see us finally knocking off the Colts after last year’s performance, and after our preseason slamfest with the Steelers, even the Ravens aren’t out of the question for me… But maybe I’ve just been drinking way too much McD flavored Kool-aid…


9-7, I agree with your predictions but I could see the last game a W to make it 10-6.


Orton’s numbers improve despite a mediocre running offense. The defense remains weak against the run and the DB’s somehow manage to hold the fort down. Nice post. I can’t stand all the prognosticators that are never held accountable!


I said 10-6 in the Annual, and I stand by it. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. After two Draftivus’ I know that I’m not Omniscient. Lol


10-6 bbuuuuttttttttttttttt, 13-3 until we ain’t!

Bob in Boulder:

The only real question marks on the team:

1. Can they run the ball?
2. Can they stop the run?
3. Can they pressure the QB without Doom?

So the season largely rests on Orton, McD, and a brand new defensive coordinator. Sorry, but my real prediction is 6-10. I hope I’m wrong, of course.


I think both lines are a real big question mark. Also Losing Brandon Marshall is going to hurt a lot. Orton has looked good, and maybe he relied too much on Marshal and having 3-4 of approximately the same quality receivers is forcing him to look at all his options instead of just honing in on Marshal, but I could see it being a problem too.



Put me down as a "13-3 Until We Ain't" guy. Always have been, and always will be, the eternal optimist…Glass 3/4 full…Always hopeful for the best, even against all odds and prevailing opinion…Please don’t ask for facts, statistics, etc. to back-up my opinion because I could care less…I shall leave all of that stuff to y’all…

I believe the future is bright for our Broncos and, that the future mat already be here!!!


Playoffs as divisional Champs -

The Review:

So this isn't meant as a bashing session or to mock someone, considering I was as wrong as anyone, but more a chance to self reflect and poke a little fun at yourself. While last season sucked, we can look at how much hope we had last season and realize that we didn't think that things would turn out bad, and that we can have hope next season.

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