A trade idea that would make sense and Mock with all new players

8 Days to go until the 2011 NFL Draft.  I have heard that New England is fielding calls to trade up and down from their 2 - 1st Round Picks.  I for one think that New England who is loaded up with Draft picks - 2 - 1st Round PIcks - 2 - 2nd Round Picks and is just loaded with draft picks.

I personally think that New England has a Great Offense but their Defense just isn't that nasty.  I think that if they traded up and Drafted Von Miller that he would Elevate their Defense to Elite level.  If you look at most of the great Defenses they have Great Pass Rushers - Terrell Suggs , James Harrison.  New England has nobody to speak of .  Von Miller who had 33 Sacks at Texas A&M would be a great addition to their defense.

Note - In the past I have regarded the NFL Draft Value Chart to be accurate but thinking about all of The Denver Broncos Needs - DT , RT , RB , LB , TE , S - I think that if given a bunch of picks even if it doesn't equal the trade value that The Denver Broncos should jump at it.

Trade Proposal -   Denver trades it's 1st Round PIck #2 (2600 points) to New England for their 1st(17th) , 1st (28th) , 2nd (60th) and 3rd(74th via Minnesota) = 2130 points.

New England can draft Von Miller and still have a pick in every round. 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th , 6th , 7th.

This to me is a win - win trade.  New England is in a win now mode.  Tom Brady isn't getting any younger and they need Elite Talent.   Denver is in rebuild mode (thanks to Josh McDaniels) and could really use some extra picks.

2011 NFL Draft

1st Round Pick #17 ------------------------------------------------------------------------    Corey Liuget - DT - Illinios - 6'3" 298lbs - Denver drafts the the #3 rated DT who has been compared to Tommy Harris.


1st Round Pick #28 ------------------------------------------------------------------------    TRADED to Cincy for their 2nd , 4th and 7th Round Picks - Cincy drafts Andy Dalton QB TCU

2nd Round Pick #35 ----------------------------------------------------------------------     Colin Kaepernick - QB - Nevada - 6'5" 231lbs -  Elway drafts Kaepernick who has a cannon.  Lets face it Orton/Quinn are only under contract for 1 more year.


2nd Round Pick #36 -----------------------------------------------------------------------    Bruce Carter - LB - UNC - 6'2" 242lbs -   Denver drafts this very fast LB who is going to be a beast once his knee heals.


2nd Round Pick # 46 ----------------------------------------------------------------------    Mason Foster - LB - Washington - 6'2" 240lbs - 166 Tackles and 7 Sacks in 2010 and Fox will love this tackling machine.


2nd Round PIck #60 -----------------------------------------------------------------------    Kenrick Ellis - DT - Hampton - 6'5" 340lbs - Denver drafts this BIG RUN STUFFING DT.


3rd Round PIck #67  -----------------------------------------------------------------------    Daniel Thomas - RB - Kansas St - 6'0" 230lbs -   Thomas is the big RB that will team with Moreno.


3rd Round Pick #74 via NE --------------------------------------------------------------    James Brewer - OT - Indiana - 6'6" 323lbs -  Denver drafts Ryan Harris's replacement at RT.


4th Round PIck via Cincy ----------------------------------------------------------------    Chris Culliver - FS - South Carolina - 6'0" 199lbs -  Culliver is extremely fast at 4.36 forty.


6th Round Pick -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Julius Thomas - TE - Portland ST - 6'5" 245lbs - Former Basketball Player

6th Round Pick -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Allen Bradford - RB - USC - 5'11" 242lbs -   Fox needs to reload or RB position.

7th Round PIck via Cincy ----------------------------------------------------------------    Lee Smith - TE - Marshall - 6'6" 269lbs - Denver drafts another TE because they have little depth.

7th Round Pick -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Ryan Hill - CB - Miami - 6'0" 200lbs - Developmental CB.


 Final thoughts

1.       Both Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn are only under contract for 1 more year.  If Denver goes QB , I like Kaepernick alot.

2.      Drafting Corey Liuget , Bruce Carter , Mason Foster , Kenrick Ellis and Chris Culliver on Defense would be a great start to rebuilding the Defense.

3.      I firmly believe that Denver will draft 1-2 RB's.  Daniel Thomas and Allen Bradford teaming up with Knowshon Moreno would give Denver a great set of RB's.

4.     I personally think New England could really use Von Miller on it's team.  It has no pass rush and Von Miller would instantly give them a great OLB.

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