2011 Denver Broncos Draft Cameos: Da'Quan Bowers

AUBURN AL - SEPTEMBER 18: Michael Dyer #5 of the Auburn Tigers is tackled by Da'Quan Bowers #93 of the Clemson Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on September 18 2010 in Auburn Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Defensive End - Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson

Height:  6'3"
Weight:  280
40yd:  4.75

Interest Level:

Private Workout:  No
Private Visit to Team Facility:  Yes
Attended Proday:  No
Other: -

Quick Take:

Top ten talent that will get redflagged medically into the middle of the round, but no later.  3 year starter that got better every year at Clemson.  Plays better at a lighter weight, and will likely stay int he 280 range or even a hair lower.  Needs to increase strength, but makes his name short are and lateral quickness.  Great reaction time, and excellent effort and hustle.  Reminds me a lot of Robert Ayers last year at Tennessee.  Would be an excellent LDE, helping to set the edge and flush the QB, able to get his hands up and force the QB to try to get the ball out of a hole.  Will get redirected and moved upfield, but overall is a strong finisher that can force a lot of hurries.  Knee problems are a short term concern, though the medical red flag is carrying some weight ont he off chance that his disruptive quickness might be drastically affected long term, as it has been short term.

Where He Goes in the Draft:

Top 15

What is Denver's Interest In Him?


He would be an excellent trade down consolation DL if Denver finds themselves picking in the 10-15 range, and he would allow a terrific rotation with Ayers, where they may be able to feed off one another like the Giants LDE rotation from 3-4 years ago.

Position, Name

CB Patrick Peterson

DT Marcell Dareus

QB Blaine Gabbert

Top OLB/DE Von Miller
DE Robert Quinn

DT Nick Fairley

QB Cam Newton

Middle OT Nate Solder
OT Anthony Costanzo
DE Da'Quan Bowers


2 Middle


3 Middle


4 Middle

5 Top



[Note:  All players in the table are ranked by overall grade within their round grouping, however, the round groupings are based on where this player will likely be drafted based on where teams are currently selecting in the draft.  Therefore a player is ranked within a group by his level of ability, but players in nearby groupings may have higher or lower actual grades, despite being in a different group.  Confusing enough for you? --Styg]

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