Mock Perfection!

Up until this point I've mocked who I think the Broncos would pick based on need and conventional wisdom.  This time I'm going to mock our draft based on who I think we should pick and why.  Tell me what you think.


Round 1 Pick #1 - Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton, QB, Auburn


Our phones start to ring off the hooks when Cincinnati, Arizona, San Francisco, and Tennessee all realize they need a starting QB, there's only one left in this year's draft, and Buffalo is in position to get him before they can.  I think Cincinnati calls and offers their #4 and #35 picks which is enticing but I think Arizona offers their #5, #38 and #103 picks for our #2 pick and we happily accept.


Round 1 Pick #2 - Arizona Cardinals select Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri


Round 1 Pick #3 - Buffalo Bills select Marcel Dareus, DT, Alabama


Round 1 Pick #4 - Cincinnati Bengals select AJ Green, WR, Georgia


Round 1 Pick #5 - Denver Broncos select Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn  ('s #5 ranked player overall)


Isn't it about time we had a mean nasty dominant force up front?  I can just picture Fairley destroying Jay Cutler later this year and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Round 2 Pick #36 - Denver Broncos select Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State  ('s #42 ranked player overall)


Watching the Raiders score 59 points on us last season made me sick and I never want to see that happen again.  Paea compliments Fairley very well because he's an outstanding run stopper and I actually think he beats out Big Vick to be a starter this season.  Helps solidify our defensive foundation for years.


Our phones start to ring off the hooks again when Washington, Minnesota, and San Francisco realize they still don't have a quality QB, there are likely only one or two left, and Tennessee is in position to get the best one remaining at #39.  I think San Francisco offers their #45 and #141 picks for our recently acquired #38 pick and we again happily accept.


Round 2 Pick #45 - Denver Broncos select Martez Wilson, ILB, Illinois  ('s #38 ranked player overall)


I know Martez Wilson has his doubters here at MHR but I'm not one of them.  We have nothing at linebacker other than DJ Williams and Martez Wilson, who has a first round skill set, is just way too good of a prospect to pass up at #45.  This type of pick is how we rebuild our defense and revive the Orange Crush.


Round 2 Pick #46 - Denver Broncos select Marcus Cannon, RT, TCU  ('s #53 ranked player overall)


Mr. Cannon is the perfect right tackle for a power running team like I think we're going to be under Coach Fox.  He's the kind of badass we need protecting Tebow's blindside.


Round 3 Pick #67 - Denver Broncos select Quinton Carter, FS, Oklahoma  ('s #67 ranked player overall)


Quinton Carter is bigger and much stronger than the #1 ranked free safety Rahim Moore (23 vs 11 bench reps of 225lbs).  Plus he hits like a Mack truck, what's not to love about this kid?


Round 3 Pick #76 - Denver Broncos select Mason Foster, OLB, Washington  ('s #90 ranked player overall)


I really want this guy on our team and I think he'll be available here at #76.  Mason Foster paired with Martez Wilson and DJ Williams would significantly upgrade our linebacker core.


Round 4 Pick #103 - Denver Broncos select Virgil Green, TE, Nevada  ('s #104 ranked player overall)


My favorite tight end prospect in this year's draft.  Green has huge potential and getting him on our team will only help Tebow flourish.


Round 5 Pick #141 - Denver Broncos select Alex Green, RB, Hawaii  ('s #148 ranked player overall)


Green is a power back who can help share the load with Knowshon and is an excellent value in the 5th round.


Round 6 Pick #186 - Denver Broncos select Jeron Johnson, SS, Boise State  ('s #157 ranked player overall)


Johnson is a little undersized at 5'10" 212lbs but if you've seen him play you know why I'm a fan, he's quick and hits like a bigger man.


Round 6 Pick #189 - Denver Broncos select Brandon Bair, DE, Oregon  ('s #192 ranked player overall)


Bair probably won't start but he adds depth and might actually light a fire under Robert Ayer's ass.


Round 7 Pick #247 - Denver Broncos select Schuylar Oordt, TE, Northern Iowa  ('s #198 ranked player overall)


We have the worst tight ends in the league right now and adding another quality prospect for depth makes too much sense.



There you have it fellas, feel free to tear my "perfect mock" apart.  Go Broncos!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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