9 Probably Irrelevant Thoughts

I had some random thoughts I wanted to share, some football related, some basketball, lockout, and lineman. Just a collection of random things that I decided to combine into the post. For those of you that don't know I linked a couple players with the @ sign. These are twitter ID's and if you have a twitter account you should follow them. If you don't use twitter just ingnore those links. So without further delay, here are some random thoughts that you may have interest in.

1.       Guess we should start with the lockout. I am sure you are all with me, but I am ready for this to be over. My biggest fear is that the Players win in court and appeals, and then use that leverage to press further. Instead of getting a fair deal for both sides, I hope the players don’t fight even harder to try and get more. It’s very important for the players to remember that the old deal was player friendly, and to get anything resembling that deal is a win for the players.

2.       The Nuggets play-off series has been very frustrating for me. I won’t blame the officials for the game 1 loss, it contributed, and possibly changed the outcome of the game, but the Nuggets had plenty of opportunities to win that game. Poor shot selection and horrendous free throw shooting is what cost them the game. Bad calls happen, you just got to move on. It’s frustrating to see the Nuggets moving away from what helped them win down the stretch. I am not sure if there was a single assist in Game 2 (Sarcasm) but it felt a lot like 5 players on the floor, not one team like they had been playing. Nuggets can still win this series, but need to go back to playing with a team effort.

3.       One more thought on the Nuggets. I think the Thunder are probably the worst team the Nuggets could have faced. Honestly no one else in the West concerns me. I think the Nuggets could have taken any other opponent in a 7 game series. Bright side is if George Karl can get past the Thunder I truly see the Nuggets in the Title game, probably against Chicago.

4.       Regarding the Draft, the Broncos need to decide what they see in the future. If they want to win now, I think they have to pick Cornerback Patrick Peterson. My logic behind that assessment comes down to 2011 opponents and the uncertainty surrounding Perrish Cox. We face Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, Matt Stafford, Jay Cutler, and Tom Brady. That is one heck of a list of Quarterbacks, and a Cornerback tandem of Champ Bailey and Patrick Peterson would make those matchups interesting. Now if the Broncos are truly rebuilding then the number 2 overall pick has to be used on the team’s biggest weakness, which is the Defensive Line. The best pick for that position is Marcell Dareus. Either one of those picks would be a vast improvement to our defense.

5.       I can’t see the Broncos trading down in this draft. I am sure they want to, but I don’t see anyone being willing to give up picks to move up. In reality staying put may be the best thing for the Broncos. We need a true impact player, and cannot afford to miss.

6.       I recently joined Twitter, after resisting for the longest time. I am glad I did because never before has there been such an open way for players and fans to communicate.  You can follow me if you like (@jdforrer) and if you have been resisting the urge to join Twitter maybe now is the time. I linked a few active Broncos below you can follow to begin with, and I think you will be pleased with what you find. It really gives you an opportunity to discuss Broncos, Nuggets, Sports, life, and pretty much anything you want with others who are also interested.

7.       I want to say I think we have the coolest group of lineman ever. I am fairly active on twitter, and communicate pretty regularly with players such as Eric Olsen (@eolsen69), Ryan Harris (@ryanharris74), and Zane Beadles (@zanebeadles). The cool thing is these guys actually communicate with fans, answer questions, and seem to enjoy connecting with us. Thank you to those guys for taking time out of their lives to actually let your fans know we are important to you. These are all classy guys, and as a parent it’s nice to have players my children can look up to.

8.       I won’t bring up the Quarterback question, as it’s been discussed to death.  I would like to say I think we will have one of the most talented wide receiver cores in the NFL next year. I honestly see Eddie Royal (@eddieroyal19) having a break out year, and am excited to watch. Brandon Lloyd (@mrblloyd) returns and should again have a great season. Wishing the best to Demaryius Thomas (@DemaryiusT) as he recovers from surgery. Regardless of who is throwing passes this fall, I am excited to see this group of players.

9. One final thought regarding the 2011 Broncos Schedule. I know you can't base an opinion of the schedule on last years record, but does anyone else feel like we have a brutal schedule? Seriously? It seems like the last couple of years our schedules have been killer. Maybe it's just me.  

Thanks for reading... Comment Away... and don't forget to follow @JDForrer on Twitter!

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