Thoughts on the #2 pick.

With DDay right around the corner, and the knowledge that our beloved Shannon Sharpe will be attending the 2nd round, I have decided to share my current thoughts regarding the #2 pick, so here it goes...

I have a strong feeling that we will trade the #2 pick in this draft, likely with Arizona (Blaine Gabbert) or New England (Von Miller), both AZ & NE hold many picks in this draft and have some big needs. It is my opinion that the Broncos will become better quicker by adding as many defensive players as is possible, as opposed to adding 1 or 2 "great" players, not unlike KC did last year. As tempting as Dareus or Miller or Peterson are, it would be wise to pass and stock up on DT's, DE's and LB's, all of which are plentiful in the 2011 NFL Draft. As we all know, EVERY player taken in the draft is a 50/50 bet, there are plenty of 4th, 5th & 6th rounders who have become stars (Terrell Davis, Tom Brady) and plenty of 1st rounders who have been a BUST (Gerrard Warren, Jemarcus Russell). The more players you add to your team, the better the odds that you get 3-4 impact players who will contribute every week.

With that said, I really don't see how the Broncos can lose in this draft. Since our glaring need is defensive and this is one of the more lopsided defensive heavy drafts in recent memory, Denver is sure to score at least 2 long-term studs for their rebuilding D. 

Here's one possibility:

1. Trade #2 pick to AZ for #5 pick, #69 pick and #103 pick.

Arizona gets their QB, Newton or Gabbert. The Broncos are moving in the right direction...

2. With the #5 pick, Denver selects either Dareus, Peterson or Miller. One of those 3 will be waiting at #5.

3.With the #36 pick, Denver selects DT Stephen Paea, he likely will be gone if we wait until #46, and he has the potential to be dominant, this man is POWERFUL!

4. With the #46 pick, Denver selects LB Martez Wilson, great potential  NFL LB at a good value and a team need.

5.With the #67 pick, Denver selects DT Kenrick Ellis. This BIG man somehow slips down to us here and we are smiling the rest of the day!

6. With the #69 pick, Denver selects LB Casey Matthews, c'mon man, he's a Matthews! Do you really think this kid is gonna fail in the NFL? Sorry, but I don't. He may not become the force that his brother has, but he'll be as good as A.J. Hawk and we get him at good value here.

7. With the #103 pick, Denver selects RB Roy Helu. He may not be here, but if he is the Broncos make their first Offensive pick in this draft taking the solid, big back to pound short yardage and balance duties with Moreno.

8. With the #186 pick, Denver selects CB Jalil Brown. A VERY underrated  and fast CB who could slip past other teams radars.

9. With the #189 pick, Denver selects TE Julius Thomas. I think Denver has this kid's number and plan on taking him no matter what ay a position of need.

10. With the #247 pick, Denver selects TE Schuylar Oordt. SUPRISE PICK! Another TE???!!! Yep, this guy is in the John Fox TE mold and he acts as insurance at a thin position.

So there you have it, the 2011 NFL Draft with a little twist! I'm curious to see what y'all think. In the end, I have a really good feeling about the new regime in Denver and I think we are going to have a great draft and watch one of the quicker turn-arounds in NFL history! GO BRONCOS!!!

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