The best no trades mock with video perfection


Check this out, Makes me love this guy even more and its hilarious.

Sport Science: Marcell Dareus (via ESPN)


Denver Bronco Mock Draft Update (via GARNETandBLACK56)

There has been a lot of uncertainty about who our beloved broncos are leaning towards this year in the draft, but you give me the guys in this video and i am all for it.


1st round- #2 overall- Marcell Dareus

Originally i wasn't a big fan of this guy, he is a great player, but i just don't see an elite player. However, i got thinking over the last few months with all the combine, pro day, and draft coverage that this guy is without a doubt our pick. All I want for EFX to do is land a proven guy who has the numbers to back it up, along with all the physical tools, and Darues is that guy. If it just so happens that carolina is smart enough to pick him first then I'm jumping on the Peterson train all day and swapping out the Rudolph pick for best DT available. I also would really love to trade down but no further than seven, because with two quaterbacks and a WR most likely being taken high we could can still get an elite defensive talent in miller, fairley, or peterson, along with extra picks in later rounds.


2nd round- #4 pick- Marvin Austin

Oh boy guys stock is rising and i hope he is there at #36 otherwise its Paea. Two stud DT to build around for the next ten years, my wish has come true for the Broncos.


2nd round-#14 overall- Kyle Rudolh


Again just an absolute stud, first round talent that slips into the second round and we grab him up like a freshly served hotcake. I know, I know Foxy doesn't like receiving tight ends but Elway sure was loving Shannon Sharpe when he was catching TDs for him. I think this guy and Tebow ( yes I'm with tebow till the day i die even if he doesn't pan out, i'm a gators fan what else can i say ) will be a match made in heaven. But at the same time, there is no evidence to say we are even looking at his guy, so if we go somewhere else here like a RT or OLB( Bruce Carter), then i'm all for it as well, i just like this guy, he has a fiery spirit and him and tebow could possibly will guys to play better, sometimes a game comes down to who has more heart.


3rd round- #3 pick- Quinton Carter

I love this guy but here is actually where i would like to trade down to gain some other picks. There will be plenty of nice young talent at the safety and corner positions at this point and this guys stock might drop so that he can be had later in the third. Teams will still be reaching up to grab WR, DE, OL, and QBs so we have the luxury of trading back and letting those fools pick before us for guys that we don't really need.


6th round-#24 pick- Da' Rell Scott- RB- Maryland

Don't really know who this guy is didn't get to see many maryland games past few years, but you can see he has explosiveness and some decent decision making, could be a steal in the later rounds, along with others such as alex green or a roy helu jr.

7th round-#2 pick- Brian Rolle- OLB/S- Ohio State

Again another guy who is not well known but played well in his time at ohio state, personally i hate this guy only because he beat up on Penn State offensive players, but there are plenty of guys in the NFl that i don't like but would be estatic if they were a member of the Broncos.


Compensatory pick- T.J. Yates

This pick in my mind could be someone else but a Qb for depth is fine with me after Orton is gone, but personally i think you go FB here or CB.


So without any trades i would be satisfied with this draft and it could have a tweak here or there to make even better. Hopefully get a couple more nasty vets out of free agency and i personally think we could be looking at 10-6 or better next year.

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