No Nonsense Mock

Round 1: Marcel Dareus DT Alabama

            Honestly, I'd like to be able to trade back into the 5-8 range and take Nick Fairley. While I like Darius better because of his higher floor, Fairley plus an extra pick is the superior value. Be that as it may, Dareus is strong and athletic. He flashes the ability to be disruptive. Overall he's the best match of value and need for the Broncos at #2. No-brainer to me if we can't move.

Round 2: Marcus Cannon OL, TCU

            A huge man with good athleticism and agility? Sign me up! Most of what I've seen and read about him leads me to believe that he can work in a primarily ZBS system at either RT or OG. On the flip side, his size and power actually gives us an option in short yardage and goal line if we want to power the ball. The versatility of the guy makes me extremely covetous and I would probably do the happy happy dance if we took him with our first 2nd round pick.

Round 2: Marvin Austin, DT UNC

            In terms of the draft I really like the value of having a chance at Austin in the 2nd round. He's got first round physical abilities. He's athletic enough that he can be disruptive while large enough to anchor. Paired with Dareus we could have a pair of young studs that grow together into a top five tandem in the league.

            Course, I'm not the only one that likes his match of value and talent so he might be gone. In that case I'm gonna hope Paea has fallen (but he won't). I'm not fond of any of the LBs at this position. All of them feel like reaches (I especially don't like (Martez Wilson). I feel the same way about the DBs. Would love if Mikel LeShoure fell to this pick but he won't. I don't want to take a TE here though Rudolph would have to be considered. In the end, if Austin and Paea are gone here I think I'd lean toward a risk/reward pick with Kenrick Ellis.

Round 3: Tyler Sash SAF Iowa

            A versatile playmaker with good size and tackling ability. I'd expect him to compete for the SS job long-term. I'd like to see him teamed with McBath ASAP.

            I could get on board with a LB like Greg Jones here as well.

Round 6: K.J. Wright LB Miss St.

            This late in the draft you start looking for a mix of abilities that fit what you need. We need an SLB and depth on the LB corps in general is lacking. Wright is kind of a Jack of all trades player. He's got adequate size and speed. He's good against the run and has some coverage abilities. Basically he's a player that should compete to make the team, and if the light comes on he could work his way onto the field in a hurry. Not like we have a lot of talent at his position.

Round 6: Lee Smith TE Marshall

            A good-sized TE with good blocking skills that also showed the ability to be a reliable outlet receiver at Marshall. He played special teams effectively as well. I like him as a good combination of skills. I think he has a nice upside overall and really like the idea of him getting out in front of Tim Tebow on a roll out where he can either catch the ball or block for our monster QB. I have a feeling he could be a steal.

Rounds 7: Bruce Miller LB Central Florida

            Another player with an interesting mix of abilities. He's high motor and high character. Moves well along the line. Has a high football IQ and maintains discipline. Has flashed good blitzing skills. Does not have a lot of experience dropping into coverage but might develop. At worst he's a good back-up thumper and high motor ST player.

What I missed:

            I would've liked to come away with a RB and another OL prospect, but with few picks and nothing in the middle of the draft I feel like front seven quantity and competition will really help the team. That said, using late picks on offensive prospect with upside would be fine with me. Honestly, I don't think we have a great feel for the RBs we have because the offensive line has been injured where we're veteran and we started inexperienced players every week.

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