My Broncos mock draft

First, I think they will trade down in some kind of way, maybe not with the #2 pick, but maybe 2nd and 3rd round picks to get 4th and 5th round picks since I do think they want extra picks.


1. M. Dareus  DT  Alabama

-Fills a great need here and makes a lot of sense. I see Carolina taking Newton in the end.

2a. M. Wilson  OLB  Illinois

-I think they will use him similar to how they would have used Von Miller if had taken him. I like him at OLB to better use pass rush skills I think he is just developing. I don't understand the knock he lacks "instincts" when he had over 100 tackles last year. So he would have had 200 tackles if better instincts? Broncos get a steal here IMO.

2b. D. Murray  RB  Oklahoma

-Injuries a concern, but what RB doesn't have injuries? Nice nice/speed combo and catches well too. Leshoure would be nice, but I think he is gone by this time.

3. J. Carpenter   OT  Alabama

-Never missed a start, playing LT. He is very underrated and they will do good to get him here. Could play RT and start as a rookie. Surprised scouts with his athletic ability at the combine.

4. N. Irving   MLB   N. Carolina St.

-Somehow with trade downs they get this pick. I really like this guy. He suffered major injuries in a car accident a couple years ago, but came back last year and was healthy and had a very good year. He was considered a potential 1-2nd round pick before he got hurt, but seems to be healthy now. 21 tackles for losses last year is very impressive.

5. M. Parker    DT  Richmond

-Somehow again by trades, they get this pick. This guy has gotten bigger and stronger, but still could stand to hit the weights some more. But very good speed and quickness for a 300lb guy. Has very long arms too.

6a. J. Thomas   TE   Portland St.

- I think he has a chance to be something down the road. He is very athletic with nice speed. I do not want the Broncos taking Rudolph in the 2nd round. He has had injury problems and the Broncos main problems are not because they lack a TE.

6b. D. Searcy   SS    North Carolina

-Nice speed/size combo. I think they need a SS type guy to compete for a job than a FS since McBath was a high pick and needs at least another year to see if he is a legit answer.

7. R. Elmore  DE   Arizona

-Measureables do not impress, but he just plays hard and makes plays. If nothing else, could be a very good special teams guy.

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