Draft Week Mock Draft

Good day Broncos Fans, its been about a month since my last post, due to my break from mock drafting, due to the overflow of mocks.  However, its Draft week, and I could not resist any longer.  So here we go with my final mock draft, which contains a mixture of what I want to happen, and what I think will happen., and a little bit of BPA for a need.


1st Round

2nd overall Marcell Dareus, I everyone here already knows enough about him. 1 word: Beast

Best Player Available for a Major Need.  If Carolina takes him with one we better go with Peterson.


2nd Round

36th Overall Kyle Rudolph, as much as I want to go Defense Defense Defense, I want Tebow to be the starter

equally as much,  I think with our WR core a little banged up, and NO reliable TE options, we go with Rudolph who,

another Best player for a Major Need. I also would think long and hard, about FS Rahim Moore, or a LB like Martez

Wilson, or if Akeem Ayers falls out of first, or another DT like Marvin Autsin or Paea. ughh to many needs not enough



2nd Round

46th overall Marvin Austin or Stephen Paea.  I would love either one of these guys I personally think there will be a

run on DT, but hope one of these two fall.  I know many think pick one at 36th and hope Rudolph fall, but I personally

would rather take my chances that 1of2 DT fall rather then the only 1 TE

Also thinking about a RT, RB, S, but want a mostly D draft, id rather Draft a DT, and look, in FA for offensive players.

 Im tired of getting washed out, hand me down, pass their prime FA D-line.  (Simon Rice, Vonnie Holiday, Ebenezer

Ekuban, Dewayne Robertson, Sam Adams, Michael Myers, Kenard Lang, Gerard Warren, Jamal Williams


3rd Round

67th overall Quinton Carter (Unless Martez Wilson or Rahim Moore Falls here)  I think we need to contiune on all

levels of D, I say we get Quinton Carter, hard hitting Saftey who is not as bad in coverage as some people think.

 Also Contemplating Greg Jones, whos Stock is falling


Time to look for steal


6th Round Greg Romeus, if he falls here I would love it, this time last year one of the best overall prospects, but due

to injury he is projected to fall to the 4-5 round, however I believe thaat due to a run on D-line in the first 4 rounds

teams will (Hopefully) overlook him.  Kinda of a reach so if not available then Id say SS Jeron Johnson, for you picky



7th Round 

This is kinda of a toss up, I wish we had more middle round picks to cover some other needs, LT, LB, CB, RB, FB

but when you have only so many picks and so so many needs, I wanted to focus, on the D line first. So with 7th

round, and Comp pick maybe pick up a RB, or a RT



The one on my mind is Adrian Taylor DT, OU, or late 7th

Self Criticism, I wish I would have squeezed an LB in there, maybe instead of Rudolph.  But like I said there are so many holes, and not enough picks, this rebuilding process, is going to take some time. 

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