3 Days and Countin...

It's the 25th and Day 1 of the Draft is on the 28th...3 Days and countin.

Wow Marshall, you couldn’t go one year without a major incident? McD goofed on Hillis, Phonz and Maroney...but he was on point with Marshall, and not far off with Cutler.

I’ve heard repeated references to the fact that Coach Fox prefers Veteran players. First of all, most veterans are better than rookies due to practice and experience. Secondly, why has this perception led many fans and “experts” to apply this preference only to the QB position? I’d like to see veteran upgrades or “bridges” at numerous positions on our team, and QB isn’t in the top 5.

LB- it’s not a deep draft year for Linebackers. That being said, we should at least draft one linebacker this year. All I’m asking for is one of the following in the 2nd or 3rd Round: Wilson, Carter, Sturdivant, Foster. A smart veteran FA signing or trade acquisition would go a long way to helping our defensive woes in the upcoming season. Players like Justin Durant, Kirk Morrison, Takeo Spikes, Nick Barnett (should be released soon), Stephen Nichols (Broncos linked to the FA LB in ATL paper this week). If we add one rookie and one veteran to the players in place (Williams, Woodyard, Mays, Haggan), I’m sure we can find a competent starting 3...the real issue will be building a DLine for them to play behind.

RB- A solid veteran runningback would be a great addition to our Offense. Off the top of my head I can think of a few ‘backs I’d like to see in Orange and Blue: Michael Bush, DeAngelo Williams, Darren Sproles (for the right price), Joseph Addai (I think he’s RFA this year). I’m not against drafting a RB in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th...just not at the expense of a LB or DT. That being said, it’s tough to pass on LeShoure if he’s available at 36th or 46th. Another reason why trading down from the 2nd overall spot is favourable-an extra 2nd round pick.

SS- As much as I love Dawkins on the Broncos, if he doesn’t accept a reduced role, he may have to keep it pushing. Adding a veteran Safety to our Secondary is necessary. We need to see if McBath can stay healthy for a week, and whether Bruton can ever be more than a ST gunner. Renaldo is seriously underrated (I concede the Jets game blunder) and should be serviceable for another year. Adding someone like Roman Harper would be a great bridge between now and then: “Then” being when we have solid, young safeties patrolling our backfield.

Like most of you last year, I was infuriated by horrible drops courtesy our Tight Ends...I’m talking to you (points to Graham and Gronkowski). I hear alot of criticism regarding Richard Quinn...he seems to be a solid blocker who has been slow to pick up the playbook; other than the fact McD reached on the draft pick, does anyone have anything more to say about Rich Quinn?

Granted, our TE situation isn’t ideal...but Rudolph at 36, please tell me that’s a joke. If Austin, Paea, Carter, Wilson and Rudolph are all still on the board at 36 and we pick Rudolph...I’ll have a Kanye Moment and steal the mic from the Commish (drunk off Henny) and make an ass of myself..TE, .another position we should look to FA for help with.

I’m really warming up to the thought of Peterson in Orange and Blue. Dareus, Fairley or Peterson, either way I’m happy...Not mad at picking Miller, but it’s not ideal. Enough has been written about drafting Dareus and Fairley, so let me speak on Peterson for a second. Ideally, we trade down within the top 5, snag Peterson and net an extra 2nd (and probably more). Drafting Peterson means the following:

We need to draft either Austin, Paea, Wilkerson, or Kendrick-Ellis, probably 2. Between the draft and FA we need to add atleast 3 DT to our Dline, and they won’t include Dareus or Fairley.

If Cox gets locked up, we’ll keep Goodman and have Squid and Vaughn for depth. If Cox beats the allegations, we can look to trade or release Goodman...Imagine a secondary that includes Champ, Peterson, Cox, and Squid. As long as our safeties are competent in run support and zone coverage, we’ll be sittin pretty pretty. Between Champ and Peterson, our CB tandem would be one of the best in the league...Once again though, the real issue will be building them a front-7 to play behind.

A few days ago I wrote a post about Carolina picking Dareus...not that they would, but just a ‘what if” scenario. True, it’s a possibility, but it’s looking less and less like a probability. Cam Newton to the Carolina Panther...yeah, sounds about right. I’m hoping this causes a run on Quarterbacks, while adding value and demand to our first few picks. Someone wants to trade-up and over-reach on Gabbert, I can feel it...

Sounds like the Texans want to move up and grab either Peterson or Miller...a birdie told me.

I’m still partial to either Dareus or Fairley in the 1st round. If we trade out of the top 10, we still have a shot at Luiget or Taylor...I’m honestly worried the Steelers snag Paea at the bottom of the 1st or Kendrick-Ellis at the bottom of the 2nd...if the Bears take Austin, we could really regret not taking advantage of the draft’s strength (DL) when we had the chance.

3 Days and Countin.


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