My draft thoughts - 1 day til the draft

I am starting to get EXCITED.   I can't wait til tommorow and I truly think that The Denver Broncos are in great hands with John Elway , John Fox and Brian Xanders.  I thank God that Josh McDaniels is gone and his terrible drafts.  I firmly believe that The Broncos are going to be a much Improved team next year with John Fox being the Head Coach.


Here are some of my thoughts

1.     Denver is going to trade down atleast 1 time.  Denver has SOOO MANY NEEDS and I truely believe that Elway wants to grab some extra picks. 

2.     I am hearing that Nick Fairley is falling and wonder if Denver trades down with The Washington Redskins that Fairley will be sitting right there.  I keep reading that Tennessee is going to draft a QB at 8.  They are the only team in the top 10 that I see who would take him.

3.     Denver is going to draft a RB - Mikel Leshoure , Ryan Williams , Daniel Thomas , Kendal Hunter are all in play , especially if they trade down.

4.     Team needs in my opinion - DT , RT , S , RB , TE , LB

5.     RT - I firmly believe that Denver would rather draft a RT than pay top $$$$ for 1 in Free Agency.  2nd Round Players - James Carpenter , James Brewer , Marcus Gilbert and ****** Marcus Cannon who just got diagnosed with Cancer - I think Denver might grab him in the 3rd/4th now.


What if Denver does trade down with Washington - Denver recieves Washington's 1st , 2nd , 2012 1st Round pick.  - I  think Elway would jump at this trade because it would load him with Ammo for Andrew Luck next year.

1st Round Pick -----------------------------------------------------------------     Nick Fairley - DT - Auburn - 6'4" 305lbs -  Denver trades down and picks up 2 - extra picks and Nick Fairley


2nd Round Pick ----------------------------------------------------------------     Jabaal Sheard - DE - Pitt - 6'4" 267lbs - John Fox loves his DE's and Sheard would be a great addition.


2nd Round Pick #41 via Washington -----------------------------------     Bruce Carter - OLB - UNC - 6'2" 242lbs - Denver drafts this top 15 talent coming off ACL injury.


2nd Round Pick #46 ----------------------------------------------------------     Trade with Philly for their 2nd , 4th and 5th Round Picks

2nd Round Pick #54 ----------------------------------------------------------      Marcus Gilchrist - CB/S - Clemson - 5'10" 195lbs -  Gilchrist is the future of FS - Saftey who can play CB - he is both fast and strong.


3rd Round Pick #67 -----------------------------------------------------------     Daniel Thomas - RB - Kansas St - 6'0" 225lbs - Denver drafts this big RB.


4th Round Pick -----------------------------------------------------------------       Marcus Cannon - RT - TCU - 6'5" 350lbs - Denver drafts this big RT


5th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------------     Julius Thomas -  TE - Portland St - 6'5" 250lbs - Denver is really high on him.


6th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------------     Shiloh Keo - SS - Idaho - 5'11" 219lbs - Denver adds this try hard player


6th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------------    Allen Bradford - RB - USC - 5'11" 242lbs - Fox adds another RB


7th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------------     Weslye Saunders - TE - South Carolina - 6'5" 267lbs - Denver takes a chance late on Saunders



Final Thoughts

I think that John Elway would love to grab Washington's 2012 1st Round Pick - so he has ammo for Andrew Luck if Orton/Tebow don't excite him this year.

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