What an Awesome Draft...if I have to say so myself...and I may

Ok, I cannot help myself but to put my version of what I think may happen in the draft this year.  I've only spent, like most of you, way to much time researching and annalizing players, possible trades and moves on draft day.

With that, I've decided to put a NO player trades and NO pick trades draft together.  I do think we could move the #2 to gain an extra 2nd or so.  With Washington I think we could trade #2 for #10, #41 and next years 1st Rounder, but I'll go forward without this trade happening.

Here we go....

I think Carolina is going to go with Marcell Dareus, so that takes him away from us.

#2 - Von Miller (OLB/SAM) I think Von is a very explosive player whom EFX like very much and whom they feel can step in and be an explosive starter right away.  I think he can handle the big tight ends we face in our division.

#36 - Marvin Austin (DT) I know the experts are starting to show Marvin moving into the 1st round.  I fell he'll be there at #36 and I think we'll be very happy to have him.  He'll be a day one started and make us say Marcell who?

#46 - Ras-I Dowling (CB) I think Ras-I has incredible talent and had he been healthy this past year he'd be in the conversation with Patrick and Prince.  He has excellent size and showed his speed is back.  I think you let him work under Champ and we'll be very happy with one of the better CB groups in the league.

#67 - Drake Nevis (DT) Knowing we are very thin at DT, I think we'll add at least two this draft.  Drake is a disruptive 3 technique DT that I think can be a nice addition to helping stop the run.  Could be Kendrick Ellis at this spot, but I think Drake bring less trouble to the pick.

#186 - Jeremy Beal (DE) His 40 time has him falling in this draft, but his production would be a great value at this spot.  I think we'd be lucky to get this player at this spot.

#189 - Da'Rel Scott (RB) This guy isn't huge, but man can he fly.  He's a very productive player with great pass catching ability.  At #189 we'd be getting a great change of pace player that can break a huge play at anytime.  We also get a return man to put into the mix.

#247 - Derek Hall (OT) From John Elways old stomping grounds, this 1 year experience RT was part of the line that protected next years #1 overall Andrew Luck.  I think he would be a nice addition to the line and could eventually be a starter.  Very good upside to this player and can you really ask for more at this point in the draft.


If player trades are allowed now that the stay has been denied by the courts and the lock out is "off" at the moment; I think we'll trade Kyle Orton to either Arizona or Miami for their 3rd and 4th round picks.

3rd Rounder - Marcus Cannon (OT) This big man would be a nice additon, but with his news on health issues he should fall and we should take a chance on him making a full recovery.

4th Rounder - De'Norris Searcy (SS) I really like this guy, but with out this trade we don't have a spot to grab him that makes sence.  De'Norris can be a guy that could play either SS or FS, depending on where he's most needed.  I feel he would compete right away for a starting spot.


Well, that's what I think/hope will happen over the next few days.  Let me know if I've wasted all those late hours pooring over stats and driving my wife crazy by getting comments like " are you really still looking at that stuff".  I guess they just don't understand. 

I cannot waite to see what our Broncos will become this year.  Enjoy the Draft all.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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