Draft day All 32 team "who they should draft" mock draft

Panthers - AJ Green

This is a team that just drafted a top quarterback last year; of course Jimmy Clausen struggled on a bad team that had no weapons.  Why not give him one to work with before you declare him a complete bust.  Even if he fails long term, you have an elite player that will help the next quarterback they get.

Broncos – Marcell Dareus

The Broncos struggled on defense a lot last year.  What they do have are two quality pass rushers, if they pick an elite defensive tackle that can push the pocket it will help against the run and improve their pass rusher’s performance as well.

Bills- Blaine Gabertt

This is the perfect marriage for both the team and the player.  The Bills have been looking for a franchise quarterback for what seems like forever.  They get an athletic high character guy with elite potential that they don’t have to stick right into the starting lineup.  If they let him sit a year or two behind Fitzpatrick the sky’s the limit.

Bengals – Julio Jones

The Bengals need a receiver out of this draft; there are some scouts out there that have him ahead of Green.  He will help the passing game no matter who the quarterback is.  I see them going after one of the second tier qbs like Locker, Dalton, or Ponder.

Cardinals – Von Miller

The Cardinals get the player they’ve coveted all along.  They need a pass rusher and he’s the best in the draft.  There is some speculation they’re looking to move up to two so they can get him.  Here they don’t even have to.

Browns – Patrick Peterson

The browns get a steal of a player with the sixth pick. Peterson is probably the best player in the draft and will be an elite player for years to come.  There isn’t a team in the league he couldn’t improve.

49ers – Prince Amukaamara

Back to back cornerbacks this high in the first round probably doesn’t happen often but these two deserve it.  Harbaugh wants a quarterback but that isn’t going to be Newton.

TitansCam Newton

This pick remind anyone of another player the Titans drafted recently? The Titans ownership loved Vince Young and Newton is a better NFL prospect.  Also if there’s any team that doesn’t care about character it’s them.

Cowboys – Tyron Smith

This is simple; if your quarterback can’t survive a whole season then you’re not going to win a super bowl.  Smith is an athletic prospect who has proved he can do what is necessary to pack on more weight.  He will be a day one starter at one of the two tackle spots in Dallas.

Redskins- JJ Watt

A piece that will improve the skins abysmal defensive line. He is versatile and has a high motor that helped him be unblockable in the Big 10.

Texans – Robert Quinn

Quinn and Watt could go at either one of these spots.  That said the idea of combining Mario Williams with another elite pass rusher will give quarterbacks nightmares.  They need piece to aid in the transition to Wade Philips 3-4, this would be a big piece in that.

Vikings – Nick Fairly

The Vikings Williams wall isn’t getting any younger.  Getting a new piece to add into that line will help them stay dominant for years to come.  Fairly is a boom or bust prospect but the more he falls the harder he is to pass up.  He won’t get pass the Vikings.

Lions – Anthony Castonzo

The Lions need to protect the china doll that is Matthew Stafford.  Castonzo can step in at right tackle right away and then move over to the blindside when need be.

Rams – Corey Liuget

A good player for Steve Spagnuolo to work into his defense. He is slowly adding good pieces to the puzzle as they rebuild, this is another one.

Dolphins – Aldon Smith

The dolphins want a quarterback, they’re going to try to move down if they can. If they stay here they grab a solid player who had great production when he was healthy.

Jaguars – Ryan Kerrigan

A good player that completes the rebuild of the jaguars defensive line.  Look for this group to make noise in the years to come.

Patriots – Mark Ingram

Giving the patriots a Heisman winning running back to go with that air attack should terrify other teams. If I was another top team I would be doing whatever I could to stop this from happening.  They need help on the offensive line but they still have a ton of picks to make that happen.

Chargers – Muhammad Wilkerson

The chargers get a good 300 pounder to help anchor that defense for years to come. The Chargers always seem to looking for that one more player so they can become an elite team. They’re hoping he’s it.

Giants – Mike Pouncey

The giants need help on their offensive line, they take the gamble that mike is as good as his brother.

Bucs – Adrain Clayborn

There are a lot of concerns about his health.  On the field he’s an elite prospect.  At this point those two balance out and the Bucs add another piece to their defense.

Chiefs – Phil Taylor

The Chiefs needs an elite nose tackle to make that 3-4 tick. Phil Taylor is the closest thing to that in this draft.

Colts – Gabe Carimi

The Colts need to give Manning at least a little time to work his magic. That starts with fixing that offensive line.

Eagles – Nate Solder

The Eagle need to protect Michael Vicks blindside if he’s going to continue doing what he did last year. Solder is a super athletic prospect that has as much potential as anyone.

Saints – Cameron Heyward

A nice pass rusher falls right into the Saints lap here. If he’s available they simply can’t pass up on him.

Seahawks – Jimmy Smith

The Seahawks need a DB, Jimmy Smith is in that second tier all by himself. Pete Carroll thinks he can control anyone after his time at USC. It’s a good fit.

Ravens – Justin Huston

That Ravens defense while still one of the best in the league isn’t getting any younger. Here they add a young piece that they’ll be able to move around and get the  most out of.

Falcons – Brooks Reed

A player that’s under the radar for some, while others project him as an elite player.  Regardless the falcons are happy to have him still on the board here.

Patriots – Derek Sherrod

Look for the Patriots to trade this pick.  If they stay put they’ll grab whatever offensive lineman is on the top if their board.

Bears – Ben Ijalana

Another team that needs offensive lineman, they don’t want to see Mr. Softie, aka Jay Cutler, sitting on the bench sulking in anymore playoff games.

Jets – Akeem Ayers

The Jets need a pass rusher to get to Brady. The more pieces you give Rex the scarier that defense will be. (side note- is anyone else terrified he might actually be crazy enough to try and sign asomugha, he might be able to consistently blitz 6 or 7 and even 8 at times)

Steelers – Aaron Williams

A good db for the next time they have to play the Packers or Patriots. Not a lot of needs on this team.

Packers – Danny Watkins

Obviously another team with little or no needs. They take a chance on a 26 year old who should be a road grater at this level.  Should step right in.

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