How I want the new Broncos era to start.

The news coming out that the Broncos are targeting Von MIller with the #2 pick I admit that I am pretty excited about it.  I actually get to really follow the player who I hoped the Broncos ended up with.  Let me explain why I think that the Broncos are making the right decision

I think everybody can agree that the 4 elite defensive players in this draft are Patrick Petersen, Marcell Dareus, Von Miller and Nick Fairley.  We can also agree that Fairley is too risky too take at the #2 pick.  For me I approach the pick in 2 ways: First, we cant miss on this pick.  Hopefully this is the last time we are picking at this spot but if we draft a bust it probably wont be,  if we do miss it sets us back 2 to 3 years.  With that in mind I rate the 3 remaining three players in this order in terms of "safe" pick.

1.Patrick Petersen

2. Von Miler

3. Marcell Dareus

Patrick Petersen is most everybody's #1 player.  He has the athletic ability, body type, production and work ethic to become and remain great,  most have him pegged as a annual Pro Bowl player.  Von Miller is very much the same player.  He had amazing production during his college career, blew up the Combine and Senior Bowl and seems to have everything you want in a linebacker, a very safe position to draft.  The only question is how will perform as a 4-3 linebacker.  The biggest question is Marcell Dareus.   There is a long history of DTs not panning out.  As sure as a player looks you just don't know with a DT.  Dareus has had injury problems, he has had 1 year of good production.  He has some warning flags that the other 2 dont have.

The other way approach the Broncos need to take is taking a potential impact player at a position at need.  If you approach it this way I would grade out the players this way

1.  Marcell Dareus

2. Von Miller

3. Patrick Petersen

Dareus,  if he lived up to his potential would fundmentally change the Broncos defense.   An actual factor at DT who can rush the passer and stop the run.  Von Miller dosen't fit the system but provides somthing that every team needs , a pass rusher.  Last year proved that without Doom we simply dont have the horses to rush the passer.  Petersen would be a luxury at a time when we need the basics, buying nice rims when you don't have a car. 

Taking all this into consideration I want the Broncos to pick Von Miller.  Petersen will be a great player but we don't need a CB.  Dareus could be dominant but to me there a question about that and I can't live with that.  Miller to me provides both saftey and difference-making.  He has shown greatness on the field and has the potential to be even better.  If we draft him we will notice him on Sundays.  Thats what we need a player that we can watch on Sunday and say "man, i'm really glad he's on my team".

Of course with all of this being said I would love to see the Broncos trade down to the #10 pick with and receive a 2nd rounder this year and next years 1st.  That would actually be my first choice.  We can get Fairley, Amukamara or Luiget in that order at 10 and then another solid prospect in the 2nd round.  Most importantly it puts us in the Andrew Luck running for next year.  Even if you want Tebow here for the future that would be a huge trade chip, we could demand a king's ransom.  I dont think thats gonna happen though so I'll stick with my initial pick.  


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