Rounds 2 and 3: Let's Get it!!

I couldn't many good players left on the board heading into Day#2, had to organize my thoughts.

I wish I could just sleep until 3pm tomorrow (I'm in Vancouver), and wake up to the 33rd pick.

Anyways, the dust from round 1 has settled, here's my ideal realistic Day #2.

Welcome to the Broncos Von, I see great things in our collective future.

Please no Bowers anywhere before Round 4.

On to the Second Round:

I was very happy that both the Bears and the Steelers passed on DT's today, leaves us likely with both Austin and Paea available at 36. Because I'd rather deal with a motivation issue than a knee injury, I'll ride with Austin at 36. Him and Big Vick will be a good look for us.

#36-Marvin Austin DT

The 46th pick seems like a wild card. With both DT and LB addressed once, we have the luxury to look at a couple positions or even trade down. We could look to Martez Wilson for MLB...or if we're lucky, maybe LeShoure, Moore and/or Paea slip to 46. My first inclination is to draft Wilson and consider our LB core addressed for the time being. I know the prospect of starting 2 Linebackers is abit suspect, but we do have Woodyard, Mays and Haggan. If Wilson can win the job, done deal, let's keep it pushing. If the Broncos have other LB's rated higher than Wilson at Mike, then I hope we look to either Paea, LeShoure or Moore. If we can get Kendrick-Ellis at 67, then I'd prefer LeShoure or Moore (if available), before Paea. I'm just not sold on his knee.

#46-Wilson/LeShoure/Moore/Paea (in that order of preference)

The further we get from the 36th pick, the more conjecture is required. At #67 I hope we target Kendrick-Ellis. Combining him with Miller and Austin would be an immediate improvement to our front 7. If we nab both Paea and Austin in the 2nd Round, then I'd look to either Carter (FS), Sturdivant or Foster in the 3rd. If we take Wilson or LeShoure at #46, then I look to Kendrick-Ellis, Carter(FS) or best available DT.

#67-Kendrick-Ellis/Carter/Best Available DT

My ideal/realistic Day 2 would net us Austin, Wilson & Kendrick-Ellis. This would leave our front 7 in much better shape, allowing us to look at positions such as RB, FB, TE and secondary depth in the later rounds.

Resign Marcus Thomas and Ryan Harris.

Strongly pursuit Michael Bush, Roman Harper Barry Cofield and Charles Johnson in FA...sounds like a possible plan.

Love it. Go Broncos!!

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