Round 2 Best Available

As many of you all witnessed, the Denver Broncos drafted Von Miller with the 2nd pick in the draft last night. He is a pass rush terror and an elite athlete. He is going to likely start at Sam linebacker from day 1 and rush the passer on passing downs. While I would prefer to have Dareus, Miller is going to help us get after the QB along side Doom. On 3rd downs, we could have Vickerson and Ayers at DT while Doom and Miller play DE. Miller is going to dramatically help our porous pass rush. Can't complain to much about that and to be honest, I was going to be happy as long as it wasn't a QB.

 But now, the real work begins. The #2 pick, for all intents and purposes, was an easy pick. We did our homework and picked whoever we want. Now, we have two 2nd round picks and one 3rd round pick and our plan is to get 3 starters with those picks. We need to look at the board and see who is available. With that being said, here are the players who were not picked in round 1 and could be options for us in the 2nd.

Top 11 Players Available

#36 overall

1. Da'Quan Bowers

Do we dare? If Bowers is on the clock at #36, should we pull the trigger? He is a heck of a pass rusher, but he has big time concerns with his knee. He was, at one point, in contention for the #1 overall pick.

My rating: 3/10

I like the value, but not the position and not the knee. I would pass on him.

2. Marvin Austin

He's been the favorite to be picked by the Broncos for a long time. He has a lot of talent, but he does have character concerns. He could be a fantastic player if he works hard.

My rating: 8/10

He's got to be at least considered. He certainly fits an area of need, but Fox was adamant that the Broncos would pick BPA and not for need. It will be interesting to see.

3. Stephen Paea

He's one tough son of a gun. A Tongan with elite strength and good potential. He is not a finished product, but could be a very nice DT with some development.

My Rating: 8/10

Same rating as Austin. He may not have the same upside, but he doesn't come with character issues. He's a good kid who works hard. Love to pick him up.

4. Brandon Harris

At one time rated a 1st round CB, he has slipped to the 2nd round. He is a tough guy who plays with swagger and confidence which is important in a CB. He could be a nice guy to groom and take over for when Bailey moves to safety

My Rating: 6/10

While CB isn't a big need, it would be good to get a CB to groom for when Bailey moves to safety. Harris could be a nice starter down the road with Cox.

5. Akeem Ayers

Ayers was rumored to be falling, but some thought he could be picked by the Jets. Most think his best ability is rushing the passer which means he would probably be a Von Miller type player.

My Rating: 4/10

While I like the value, he would be a 4-3 LB who can rush the passer ala Von Miller. We don't really need him anymore.

6. Justin Houston

Houston has fallen down boards thanks to questions about his position and character concerns. He will play a 4-3 DE for Denver, but plenty of questions still remain.

My Rating: 4/10

Talented and could be a very nice DE, but character concerns could be an issue. He would be brought along as a backup for Doom and Ayers.

7. Rahim Moore

Moore is arguably the top safety in the draft. He is a ball hawk who played CB, FS, and SS at UCLA. He has some good potential and safety is definitely an area of concern for the Broncos moving forward

My Rating: 6/10

Broncos definitely could be looking to add the top safety at #36. Dawkins is old and just not that good anymore. Moore could learn from him for a year then take over.

8. Aaron Williams

Williams is a bit of a question. Lots of people compare him to Malcolm Jenkins and believe he will move to safety for his NFL career. He could be the best safety if he makes the move.

My Rating: 5/10

I like the value. He was a potential first round pick all throughout the draft process. He could be a nice addition to our secondary.

9. Mikel Leshore

We all know the RB pick is coming eventually. Will it happen at 36? If the Broncos believe Leshore is a 1st round talent then they probably won't hesitate. Fox is going to run the ball a lot and Leshore is very, very good.

My Rating: 7/10

I like Leshore at 36. I love him at 46. He's very talented and could really help return our running game to one of the best in the league.

10. Ben Ijalana

The Broncos need help at RT and Ijalana could fit the bill. He's a big, talented T who has drawn comparisons to Rogger Saffold. He would become the blind side protector of Tim Tebow.

My Rating: 6/10

While I would rather get a tackle in free agency (or just resign Harris), Ijalana makes a lot of sense and could be a nice pick. Not a sexy pick, but RT is not a sexy position.

11. Brooks Reed

Brooks Reed had picked up a lot of steam recently. Some thought he might be a 1st round pick, but that obviously didn't happen. He is a high motor player who would be a 4-3 DE.

My Rating: 6/10

I rate him above a player like Houston because I like his motor and his attitude. He dominated at the Senior Bowl from the DE position so he could be worth a look.


#46 overall

1. Stephen Paea

We need DT's and Paea would be great value here. Big, tough Tongans are always welcome.

My rating: 10/10

DT + Value + Tongan = Great pick.

1. Mikel Leshore

Like I said before: Like him at 36, Love him at 46.

My rating: 9/10

He's going to help our RB corps a lot. I would be surprised if he does not end up a Bronco.

2. Brandon Harris

He could easily be the best player available if he was available at 46. Talented corner who could start down the line

My rating: 9/10

Great value and potential starter. He could be a terrific pairing with Cox down the road with Thompson at nickel.

3. Ben Ijalana

Could be the answer at RT. Nice value here at 46. Nice potential with him.

My rating: 6/10

We need someone to protect the blindside of Tebow if we don't resign Harris.

4. Akeem Ayers

Not a big fan of him at 36, but 46 is incredible value for him here.

My rating: 5/10

Not sure how he fits, but he's the best player available if he is here.

5. Justin Houston

Another good value pick. Gives some depth and competition to the DE position.

My Rating: 5/10

Could be a very good DE if his character concerns don't ruin him.

6. Rahim Moore

Best safety in the draft at 46? Nice value and could be a very good player.

My Rating: 6/10

Broncos definitely need upgrades to the safety position.

7. Mason Foster

Very productive linebacker who could play Sam or Mike. Would be a very good addition to our linebackers.

My Rating: 7/10

A very nice linebacker prospect who will be a starter for a long time. Sam or Mike.

8. Bruce Carter

Very talented linebacker who might have been a 1st rounder if not for injury concerns. Could be an option here.

My rating: 6/10

Injuries are a concern, but when healthy, he is a heck of a player.

9. Kenrick Ellis

A big, powerful DT from a small school with minor character concerns. Fits an area of need and has good upside

My rating: 5/10

A bit of a reach at 46, but he definitely could be a force. If he is available at 67, he would be my pick.

10. Jabaal Sheard

A good, strong DE who would give us depth and competition at the position.

My rating: 5/10

A nice prospect who would give us great depth at DE.

11. Kyle Rudolph

The Best TE in the draft who can block and catch the ball. Denver desperately needs more TE talent and Rudolph is good value here.

My rating: 5/10

He fits need and value. He's a fantastic player who would start from day 1...sounds exactly like the player EFX would want to draft.


Denver's biggest need heading into Day 2 is obviously DT. Stephen Paea and Marvin Austin could be the picks, but they are by no means virtual certainties. John Fox said at his press conference that they will pick best player available so don't look for them to draft a DT just for the heck of it. If Rudolph is available at 46, he might be the pick. Leshore might be the pick at 36 so don't go into tomorrow with defensive expectations because you might be disappointed. Go into tomorrow expecting to pick the best players available.

See you all tomorrow where Denver is looking to trade down as well as find 3 more starters. Until then, MHR.

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