My Day 3 Prospects...

First let me preface this by saying I'm a little disappointed with passing on Austin (mainly) and Paea (secondly) with the #46 overall pick. I've said before that Austin is my favorite prospect in this draft and I'd love to have him but we got a mauler for a RT in Orlando Franklin. I was hoping to see Martez Wilson drafted by us at #67. I don't know much about Irving other than he almost died in a car accident a few years back so any information on his measurables/stats would be appreciated. I love recouping the missing picks in rounds 4 and 5 and still getting the top rated safety in the class. That's a great move by the front office. Now I want to get into the remaining picks we have for the final rounds.

Here are some Day 3 (Rounds 4-7) prospects that I would like Denver to get their hands on.


Quan Sturdivant - LB UNC - A blazing fast linebacker! I realize we drafted 2 already but Quan should've been drafted already. I would've liked him at our 3rd round pick and this gives us great value here after I feel we reached a bit for Irving.

Brandon Burton - CB Utah - Nice size and speed for a corner. Was rated higher after the season ended but has fallen since. He covers well and with the status of Cox in the balance and Goodman being what he is a CB is a need and I think this is potentially great value here.

Christian Ballard - DT Iowa - Failed a drug test at the combine but gives us great value in round 4. He was really the unsung hero (along with Klug) of the Iowa defense.

Jerrell Powe - DT Ole Miss - Thought to be a 1st round prospect, underachieved and is available here.

Taiwan Jones - RB Eastern Washington U - Everybody knows the book on this guy. Lightning fast, change-of-pace guy to compliment Knowshon. With Alex Green being picked by the Packers, we could settle for Jones.

Davon House - CB New Mexico State - A 4 year starter and another nice CB prospect that gives us great value.

Quinton Carter - S Oklahoma - Another nice value pick here. Can potentially start with Moore if Dawkins is released.

Jordan Cameron - TE USC - Basketball player at BYU, athletic pass-catcher now that Housler is a Cardinal.


Julius Thomas - TE Portland State - Everyone knows about this guy. I'd like him better in the 6th.

Robert Sands - S West Virginia - Predator 2 would be a nice selection in round 5. A nice potential SS.

Mario Harvey - LB Marshall - Again, no stranger to MHR.

Ian Williams - DT Notre Dame - A big boy at DT would help the run defense.

Buster Skrine - CB UT-Chattanooga - Blew up the combine. Probably a project, but a nice prospect.


Deunta Williams - S UNC - A much better player than a 6th rounder but we could reap the benefits.

Shiloh Keo - S Idaho - Love this prospect. A fiery competitor with a good looking skill set.

Roy Helu - RB Nebraska - Would be a solid pick here if we could land him.

Mark Herzlich - LB Boston College - Everyone knows this guys story. Maybe take a flyer on him in round 5.


Wherever there is depth issues. Best Available DT/DE/RB/TE/CB/G/LB/S

My personal favorites of the players that are left are:

Quan Sturdivant



Quinton Carter



Jordan Cameron




Deunta Williams



Shiloh Keo



Grabbing more defensive starters and overall talent upgrades is a great way to better our new Orange Crush. I would've loved to see Austin or Paea but it seems like they might be going the free agency route for the DT postion. We do have more picks though. Let's continue to get some playmakers and let's put the 'D' back in the '  'enver Broncos!

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