Remaining Gems in the draft

Hey guys maybe the draft didn't go as you hoped it would (We knew we would get Von and after the way the 1st went I thought it would pretty much go exactly the way it did except I thought we would get another LB in the 2nd and go D-line or O-line with the 3rd pick.) Anyway, there is still a ton of talent sitting. Here are some players I like:

Defensive Tackles:

Mike Blanc- One of the reasons why Fairley was so good. Watched him dominate at the championship.

Lawerence Guy- Could be a steal.

Zach Clayton- High Motor play on the best defensive line in the country.

Jerrel Powe- Run stuffer


Defensive Ends:

Greg Romeus- Once a first round talent. Check out his story

Christian Ballard- Good value here

Pernal McPhee- Another good prospect still available don't cry.


Brandon Burton- Completely dominated Jonathan Baldwin. Would be a great answer to him in the pro's as well.

Davon House- thought he would be gone in the 3rd.

Rashard Carmichael- another talented player happy to act as a tissue for you.


1. Jacquizz Rodgers- Jacquizz Rodgers can be a really productive back in our rotation. Although there are questions about his size, he carried the load in Oregon State and I can tell you first hand he is extremely strong in the lower body. You cannot arm tackle him, and he has the explosive power to get away after contact. I would look at him in the 3rd round range personally, but he has the ability to produce especially if he is in a rotation. Can catch and return. Never fumbled.Very strong thick legged. Watch at 2:40 to see how strong this guys legs are

Kendall Hunter- another player with a lower center of gravity who will get you a few yards. Not really much upside. Very good in pass protection, which separates him from some of the other guys I noted. Good vison and can catch.

Da'rell Scott- I’ll cut it short and just say it, basically a carbon copy of Lance Ball. Just faster. Seriously.

Graig Cooper- Graig Cooper’s parents didn’t know how to spell but that’s okay because their little bundle of joy was very fast and could return kicks even though he was a little skinny.

He is stupid fast. Seriously, I mean he is really fast but lacks great vision and runs into his blockers instead of waiting for them to develop. He runs like Justin Fargas, kind of high. Reminds me a little of Goodsen, RB for the Carolina panthers.


Tight Ends:

Luke Stocker- Less athletic than Rudolph. Reminds me of Todd Heap.

Virgil Green- Fast TE. Paea who?

Jordan Cameron- Could be a steal. I would be down at this point to take him.


Offensive Line

Lee Ziemba- I really like Ziemba. He is quick and plays with a mean streak. A good technician. I would love to get this guy in the later rounds. Played against top talent. Da'Quan Bowers said Ziemba and Andre Smith were the best tackles he ever faced. Such a Sleeper. Call him NyQuil.

Clint Boling-

Clint Boling is my favorite because he could fall, and could be a steal for us. Solid pass blocker, good pass set and good short area quickness and footwork. Can pull really well and has good lateral quickness. I really like this prospect. Great intangibles, light feet. Was once a late 1st rounder. I heard he has a bad punch and tight ankles but otherwise nothing to bad.

DeMarcus Love- Was once mentioned as a 1st round pick. He is totally worth it at this point.

Wide Recievers:

Jeffrey Maehl-

Maehl is a tremendous player. He is an excellent late round pick. Maehl is a kid I've been high on for a very long time. He is the most explosive player on the Ducks besides Lamichael James. Very deceptive speed. Gets behind a defense with regularity. Auburn was very scared of this kid.

Compares: Jordy Nelson, Drew Bennet. More Nelson because closer in size but the point is, deceptive speed.

Terrance Tolliver-

I thought Tolliver would have been much better by now after watching his first year. He has talent. Great speed and size. Makes the deep catches very well. Never really made it to the top although he has the tools.

Compares: Steve Breaston

Dane Sanzenbacher-

One of the best route runners in this draft. Will make tough catches and bail out the quarterback. Marvin Austin move aside.

compares: Brandon Stokley

Some other names are Quan, Carter, Searcy, Herzlich, Havili.

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