Thoughts for Draft Day 3 and Free Agency

I love where EFX are going so far.

I think they got the best player in the draft in Von Miller.  He’s big, fast and athletic and should be an immediate starter.  Combined with Elvis we’ve got a 1-2 pass rush punch in Von Doom.  (Kudos on whoever came up with that name first, Love it!!)

They picked up the best safety in the draft by far in Rahim Moore, pairing him with a mentor in Brian Dawkins

They didn’t like Ryan Harris’ ability to stay healthy and support the run and didn’t want to pay big bucks to keep an average right tackle so they grabbed Orlando Franklin who has a nasty streak we haven’t had on the O-Line since Tom Nalen retired.  Some of you don’t like this guy, but I have to believe that they’ve got a plan and are running with it.  Now you have Clady, Beadles, Walton, Kuper and Franklin.

Next they grab Nate Irving who I think is in the same mold as Al Wilson.  We haven’t had a real MLB since Al’s neck injury.  Think Von Miller on one side, Irving in the middle and DJ Williams can move back to the weak side where he really excelled instead of trying to cover where he really didn’t belong.

The question now is, where do we go from here?

We’re fine at WR, with Lloyd, Royal and Thomas.  Linebackers just got filled out.  We’d be fine at running back if Braniac McDaniels hadn’t sold Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn and a bag of magic beans.  I’m wondering what Fox thinks of his old RB free agent, DeAngelo Williams.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pick him up when free agency finally starts.  I would like to see if Knowshon and LenDale can stay healthy this year and we might have something great.

I think at QB, you’ve got a proven game manager in Kyle Orton.  He can score if we have any kind of a running game and we need to give Tebow some time to mature and learn.  Give him a year or two under #7’s wing and we could be seeing the next Aaron Rogers type of situation.  Remember, we are not winning the Super Bowl next year, this is a rebuilding process.

I’d like to see them steal Zach Miller from Oakland in Free Agency (mostly because we’d be taking their most productive receiver) and pick up another Tight End in Day 3 of the draft.  (Again, if only Brainiac wouldn’t have gotten rid of Tony Sheffler... what was the point of that move?  I don’t like you, get out of my sandbox?)

So, at DE, we have Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers, both moving back to their proper positions after the failed 3-4 experiment, but we have a HUGE hole at Defensive Tackle that will have to be filled in another draft, I understand why they didn’t like a lot of the Day 2 DT that were taken, a lot of them were suspect and the ones that are left, we’ve got Christian Ballard the pot smoker who probably won’t be able to pass the drug testing and then there is a huge dropoff.  But I’m thinking EFX has got their eye on a couple of guys like Brandon Mebane (Sea) and Barry Cofield (NYG).  Both of these guys are beasts against the run and both have started to pick up their pass rushing in the last year or two.  Cofield may be on the way out of New York as the Giants grabbed Marvin Austin with the 52nd pick.  That would give us Ayers-Mebane-Cofield-Dumervil front four.  The question I would like to ask is this:  Does Denver try and keep Marcus Thomas once free agency starts?

And what about Albert Haynesworth?  I would like to see us pick him up from Washington where he is obviously on his way out.  I know the guy had huge problems with Shanahan last year, but he was signed to play in a 4-3 where he's great and forced to play in a 3-4 where he was not comfortable (please, I'm not condoning his behavior or the way he handled the situation).  He has some legal issues pending and probably a couple game suspension coming from Goodell once the season starts, but the guy was amazing in Tennessee.  I think it would be well worth our time to invest in his turn-around.

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