Video and Analysis of 2011 Draft Class

I dont know about you but this has been the most boring and frustrating offseason, I can ever remember. With all the labor negotiations, the lockout being on than off, and the Denver Post's insistence on only ever talking about Denver's QB situation, the draft has been a welcome relief. Many people both Denver fans and the media have been proclaiming this the "most important draft in the history of the Denver Broncos," and while that statement is debatable, this draft will certainly go a very long wain in the success or failure of the new Elway, Fox, and Xanders partnership.

Through the power of Youtube I have compiled game film on just about every one of the newest Broncos, and highlights of a couple. Personally I prefer to watch game film of players instead of highlight reels because game film will show a more accurate picture of what the player does down to down while a highlight reel can make even the worst player look like a future star, you know the blind squirrel will find the nut type of thing. I will also offer my two cents. 

With the highest draft pick in generations the Broncos selected Von Miller. 

Von Miller #40 vs Nebraska Cornhuskers (2010) (via DraftSteal)

Von Miller vs Texas (via AloAloysius)

Im a big fan of the Von Miller pick and was glad he was taken over Dareus. I felt like Miller was up and down in the Nebraska film, but was an absolute monster in the Texas game. The first thing you notice about Miller is he is very fast and can slice through the line very quickly. He is absolutely unblockable  when one on one with a tight end or with a running back trying to chip (as was the case repeatedly against Texas), and that will certainly be what Fox tries do with him on third down. Due to having a slightly smaller frame Miller must not allow offensive tackles to get their hand locked onto him, if so he can be driven past the pocket (this was seen a couple times against Nebraska). I like the idea of Miller lining up behind Robert Ayers, with Ayers on the line. Ayers does not have many pass rushing moves but he has an excellent bullrush which would force either the guard, tackle, or both to lock onto Ayers freeing Miller to only have to get past a chipping running back. This will be an advantage for the Broncos every time. 

I also like the prospects of Miller in coverage. He will rarely if ever be matched in man coverage against a reciever and will few times be matched against a tight end as Miller will be used more to get after the pass, but if he is his speed will allow for him to keep pace better than any of the linebackers on the Broncos roster. He will just need to get more comfortable with it


Rahim Moore  

Rahim Moore vs. Temple ('09) (via AloAloysius)

Rahim Moore vs. Cal (2010) (via MARI0clp)


The first video is of Rahim Moore in 2009, when he had the 10 interceptions, and the second is in 2010 when he only had the 1. In the first film his tackling for the first 3/4 of the film is pretty bad. There were a couple of times Moore was on his back trying to make a tackle while in open space. This is where I saw a huge improvement in Moore from 2009 to 2010, and that was in his tackling. In the 2010 film he was more decisive and driving through players instead of just trying to trip them at their shoelaces. Also the goalline stand at 3:10 was pretty impressive as Moore showed an ability to knife through a pile and drive the ballcarrier back instead of being bowled over. Finally the last 1/4 of the 2009 film showed an impressive interception by Moore as well as a few tackles where he flies to the ballcarrier and runs through for the tackle. 

I am still very much in the middle of the Moore pick, he is easily a more complete player than McBath or Bruton and could be a very good centerfield type free safety for the Broncos. He must improve his technique and make certain receivers never get behind him becuase he does not have the speed to recover, but can make plays when on the roam. 


Orlando Franklin

Orlando Franklin Run Blocking v Pitt (via eaglesfan450)

Orlando Franklin Pass Blocking v Pitt (via eaglesfan450)

I am starting to really like Orlando Franklin, and was in the minority who wasn't too shocked to see the Broncos take an offensive tackle in the second round, well I was also assuming the first second round pick would be an defensive tackle so maybe I was a little shocked but only because it wasnt a DT. I thnk Franklin compares very favorably to Jeff Otah of the Panthers, who was a big reason the Panthers were so successful a couple years ago and have declined with his health. Franklin is very good at a combo block and can go from one man to the next in a flash which is essential in a right tackle when the running back is blasting through the hole. He is also money once he locks onto a defender. Also the reports of Franklin going to the whistle with block seem to be spot on. 

In pass blocking Orlando Franklin could struggle especially the first year as he adjusts to the speed of the game. Players with good fist steps will be an issue for Franklin as he is a little slow out of his stance and stiff the entire time. 


Nate Irving

Nate Irving vs. Clemson ('08) (via AloAloysius)

Nate Irving vs Georgia Tech (2010) (via UploadingAMV)

I included film of Irving before and after his accident. This is obviously a small sample but Irving looks like a more instinctive player and does a better job of shedding blocks to get to the ballcarrier. At the 1:25 mark of the 2010 game Irving got caught up in traffic which led to a long touchdown, but this possibly was not his fault as the outside of the line broke containment. Irving is also very decisive and runs through the ballcarrier. This is something I love in a middle linebacker. Irving will need defensive tackles to keep linemen off him though, but this can be said for all linebackers. 


Quinton Carter

Quinton Carter (via thegoodmagneto)


This is just a highlight reel of Carter so it dosnt show much more than that Carter loves to blow people up. He has the makeup of a very good blitzing safety and will certainly make up for Moore's finesse style of play. I also think Carter plays much faster than his 40 time, where Moore dosnt seem to as much. Once again though Im sure Moore looks great in his highlight reel just as Carter does. Carter could certainly develop into an effective headhunter and even a starting safety. 


Julius Thomas

Universal Draft Presents Julius Thomas of Portland State (via ckparrothead)


This film allows for a great picture of what Thomas can be and more importantly where he is at right now. Fox said that Barone, the Broncos tight end coach, went to bat for Thomas and Barone developed Gates from a raw basketball player so I definitely trust Thomas in Barone's hands, but he has a very long way to go. The first thing I noticed is Thomas was having a very difficult time releasing cleanly from the line. On his first touchdown catch he slips, gets up, and makes the catch in the back of the end zone. Thomas also, at the 5:00 minute point, drops a ball down the seam that hits him right in the hands, granted he was sandwiched by two defenders but this is a catch he must make in the NFL. I believe all of this will come over the next couple of years as Thomas focuses only on football and Barone teaches him how to be an NFL caliber player. 


Mike Mohamed


Another highlight reel so not much is shown other than Mohamed going 100 miles an hour at each point. Could make the team as depth and special teams player. 


Virgil Green

Virgil Green vs Boston College (via AloAloysius)

The commentators make a very interesting comment during the beginning of this film in that Green not Kaepernick was the better pro prospect. Green is a very fierce blocker who gives a strong first punch to drive his man back, sometimes this was enough, sometimes not. As a route runner he seems more polished and fluid than Thomas did, Green also did a great job of catching the ball each time away from his body. Near the end of the film he makes a catch away from his body and gets hit in the process. 


Jeremy Beal

Jeremy Beal vs. Oklahoma State (2010) (via MARI0clp)

Jeremy Beal is a two time all american and the Big 12 defensive player of the year. From his film he doesn't burst out due to dominance which is why he was a 7th rounder but he seemed to always make plays. 


Rome wasnt built in a day and none of the defensive tackles the Broncos wanted fell, this is the EFX's reason for not drafting a defensive tackle and time will tell if this wound up being a mistake.










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