Looking to the future: 2012 Draft

Hey guys the 2011 draft just ended and there is nothing but good things going forward for this team. Lets see some names in the 2012 draft that may help us next year.

Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina.

Gilmore might have gone in the first round if he left last year. Such a young guy and instantly helped the Gamecocks with his presence. one of my favorite players in the draft. Playmaker. Reminds me a little of Pacman when he played (well). Will run in the 4.4's and has great size at 6'1. Great prospect.



Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State.

The best recievers in college football this year were AJ Green and Justin Blackmon. Blackmon is terrific. We probably won't get him but he is an excellent prospect nonetheless.



Vontaze Burflict. MLB Arizona State

The best MLB in the pac-10 this past year. A beast. Played on a bad team but was nasty. He is such a beast. Size speed everything. Very nasty demeanor. Border line dirty at times. He reminds me a little of both Terrell Suggs and Lance Briggs but could be better than both. Catch him and his boys in their new uniforms next year.



Vontaze Burfict-All American (via thereaper)




Marcus Forsten DT Miami

Fast strong, athletic big man. He is a terrific prospect.




Manti Te'o MLB Notre Dame

I remember him coming in a game his 1st year and just bringing the wood on some player. He hits harder than anyone in this years draft and him and Burflict are the two hardest hitter of 2012 (and 2011 for that matter). This guy is really special. High energy, drives through every tackle. One of my favorite prospects this year. Probably the best player to come out of Hawaii this decade.




Finally my favorite prospect for next year.....

Cliff Harris CB Oregon

Cliff Harris is IMO the best cover corner in college football. He has amazing hips, feet, burst, awareness you name it. He reminds me a little of Eric Wright coming out of college but Cliff is even better. He will not bust. Bust proof. If you watched the NCAA Championship 3 players really stood out. Nick Fairley, Cam Newton, and Cliff Harris. Cam Newton and the Auburn offense were SCARED to death of this guy. He picked off Cam once and almost did it again. He totally disrupted their Aerial attack. In the run game he cut down the half backs. Plays very similiar to Champ Bailey which is why I like him so much. Such a beast....

Cliff Harris Highlight Video (via Spazman1619)


QB's Harris has picked off: Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Matt Barkley, defended against Nick Foles, Jake Locker. Speaks volumes about him and the QB talent in the Pac-10 I might add.




Other notable guys: Jerel Worthy, Alfonzo Denard, Jared Crick.

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