4 Starter Mock w/ tebow tangent

Lifelong Bronco fan, long time reader, first time posting. Hope to help carry on a great tradition of well thought educated posts on this great site.

I was driving down the street and must admit I almost jumped out of my seat when I heard Xanders proclaim  "we want four starters out of this draft."  That was the first promising news in a long time that we would not be drafting a quarterback. So whats the deal with all of these visits and scouting trips with the top tier talent?

      First of all we have to understand that every team has an obligation to its fans to alwaysttry and find the best player available at every position every year even if that postion is perceived as a strength. I personally think that Gabbert is the only QB in this class who might be better than anything we have on our team right now and he will probably be gone by our pick which is a blessing as far as I am concerned.

     Second the franchise is posturing for possible trades down at all 3 of their first picks where 6 qb's should be drafted. This could be very pivitol to our draft and has been stated by management that we are considering this option.

    Third and I think the most important, I think the Broncos brass EFX  is trying to send a message to Tim Tebow and continue to challenge him. Every time someone challenges Tebow he steps up to that challenge and surpasses expectations. From junior high through the draft process everytime people doubt him it is his sole purpose to prove them wrong which I feel he will do in this case as well. We will continue to see him do all the right things including organizing team workouts during the lockout to personal workouts with the recievers to build chemistry so it is a no brainer that he is our starter come training camp.

   I don't think we will have a CBA in place so Orton will remain on the roster for the time being. Now with that in Mind lets get four starters in our mock!!!!!!

 Round 1 1) Carolina- Blaine Gabbert Can't count on Claussen

                  2) Broncos trade with Cinncinati 1/2 and 2/14 for 1/4 2/3 3/2 4/4 and 2012 3rd rd pick.

                  Cinncinati- Cam Newton So long Carson

                  3) Buffalo- Dareus BPA at a postion of need.

                  4)Denver- Patrick Peterson CB LSU

I Know I will get a hard time on this one, but we can all agree that our defense needs to get bigger, faster, tougher, and cause more turnovers right? So who does this describe better than an oversized corner with exceptional speed and great ball skills who isn't scared to hit somebody. We pick up some picks and still get the best player in the draft and our defense needs help on three levels. I believe he is good enough to start day one over Goodman but even if not he will still get considerable time in nickel situations and his special teams play is something we have need for years(although Royal has showed glimpses of greatness).

Round 2 Pick 3) Stephen Paea DT Oregon State

I think Marvin Austin has moved back above Paea on most teams boards and will be gone by our pick Otherwise he is the pick here. We get our second starter at our biggest hole due to a lack of free agency. He is a beast run stuffer who will help against the run better than anyone in the draft except maybe Dareus. 

                Pick 4) Jacksonville moves up for local boy Christion Ponder We trade 2/4 for 2/17 4/17 and 4/24. This gives us a couple of picks to work with now having 2/17 3/2 3/3 4/4 4/17 4/24 6/24 7/2 7/46 to get our last two starters.

               Pick 17) Marcus Cannon G TCU

Gives us our third starter and a replacement for Harris either at RT or LG and Beadles going back out to RT, and is a big power lineman who will give us  a physical presence.

Round 3 Pick 2)Allen Bailey DE Miami

Will most likely not start because he is kind of a tweener but he gives us flexibilty on our line. He can replace Dummervil on run downs and kick inside on passing downs due to good size.

                Pick 3)Bruce Carter OLB North Carolina

Theres our fourth starter from this draft. He will likely become a four down player in the NFL with his ability to block punts and great athleticism to be able to cover on third down.

Round 4  Pick 4) Kendrick Ellis DT Hampton

Another huge body up front to rotate with Vickerson and M. Thomas. Will help against run and keep ends and linebackers free. John Fox type DT for sure.

                Pick 17) Robert Sands S West Virginia

A good young safety who can learn a year under Dawkins and Hill and start next year. Is a big hitter who can still play the ball in the air.

               Pick 24) Alex Green RB Hawaii

Gives us our big back to go with Moreno. Also has good hands out of the backfield. Very productive averaging 8.2YPC in a spread offense.

Round 6 Pick 24) Julius Thomas TE Portland State

Good athlete still learning the postition but shoud provide some firepower for the offense. We will likely search in free agency for a good veteran as well.

Round 7 Pick  2) Dom DeCicco S/OLB Pittsburgh

A very versetaile player who played will and safety at pitt. would likely move up to will in Fox's system a la Thomas Davis

                Pick 46) Henry Hynoski FB Pittsburgh

I love Larson as a football player but we need a true fullback to help our power running attack and larson will give us depth at mike.Just may be the fifth starter from this draft would be a nice throw in.

Our Defense Looks as follows       LDE Ayers       DT Paea    DT  Vickerson   RDE Dummervil     

                                                              LDE  Bailey     DT Thomas DT Ellis           RDE Veikune/hunter      

                                                              WOLB Woodyard   MLB D.J. Williams   SOLB Carter

                                                              WOLB DeCicco     MLB Larson           SOLB Haggan

                CB Bailey                 FS Dawkins                        SS Hill                      CB Peterson

                CB Cox                     FS Mcbath                           SS Sands                CB Goodman/ Thompson

I think we are more physical in the run and have some more athletic plamakers behind them.

Our offense may not have added to many playmakers but some very important pieces help it move forward under John Fox.

Let me know what you think I hope it was realistic and productive for the Broncos.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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