Why I Dislike This Time of Year

Like a lot of you, I live for the NFL draft. I love to analyze the prospects, the teams and project who's going where. As a Bronco fan, the last 2 drafts were impossible to predict because of McDaniels. I hope this year, the Broncos will be a bit more straight forward in their picks and we will again be moving in the right direction. But, having said that, here are reasons why I also hate the pre-draft build up:

  • Fans (homers in particular) hang on every single from their team's coach, GM , VP of Football Operations and consider it gospel. There is dis-ingenuity before the draft. If you don't believe that, then I have some prime swamp land for sale in Florida for you.
  • Draftniks go crazy for combine and pro day results and move prospect rankings drastically after good and bad performances. I see way too much stock put into 40 times. It's the equilavent to the obsession with penis size. If a player is good on tape and you have them as a mid 2nd round prospect, how is a great or poor 40 time going to affect his stock? Do you move them drastically? I think not.
  • Mock Draft Overexposure. Everyone is doing mock drafts for their team, the 1st round, I've even seen people already have their 7 round mocks out. I personally don't like doing them past the 1st round because the draft isn't linear, it's dynamic and you can't predict trades very well. Please keep making them though, I need something to do while I'm at work.
  • TV Draft Experts aka Talking Heads. I love Mike Mayock. I respect Mel Kiper for being the Godfather of the draft. Todd McShay is well-groomed and always seems sun tanned. I religiously tape Path to the Draft on NFL network and enjoy hearing "NFL People" break down prospects. But, these folks don't know what direction teams will be going and even if prospects will be any good at all. 2 years ago, the top 2 prospects on Mike Mayock's board where Robert Ayers and Knowshon Moreno...
  • The discussion over drafting for need or BPA. Everyone seems to keep saying that good teams always draft BPA. I think that's about right, but at certain points you have to draft for need as well. This is where you manipulate the draft and move up or down to get your need at the appropriate value. Just remember this, Matt Millen drafted BPA. You saw how that worked out for the Lions. I hope the Broncos do what's best for the franchise and not be overly myopic or far ranging.

Only 23 days to the draft! sigh...

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