Tebow to the Patriots? Please no...

Hello Bronco Fans:

I have rarely felt as strongly about an issue involving professional sports as I feel about Tim Tebow.  And I heard something on Sirius NFL Radio this morning that makes me want to vomit.  Follow me if you have the stomach for it.

In the interests of full disclosure, I was not a fan of Tebow when he was at Florida, primarily because I despised the Florida Gators.  I'm a Notre Dame fan and I pretty much hate all the Florida schools.  But I came to respect Tebow as a person and a player over the years.  I became one of the people who were defending him going into last year's draft, and I posted his numbers compared to other QB's from the SEC.  As pretty much everyone knows by now, his numbers were the best ever for the SEC.  When rumors started circulating that we were interested in Tebow, I was thrilled because I didn't think Kyle Orton would ever be good enough to win a Super Bowl, and I thought there was a chance Tebow might be.  Tebow has rapidly become my favorite NFL player.  Anyone who wasn't excited watching what he did against the Raiders, Texans and Chargers must hate Tebow more than you love the Broncos.  Say what you will about his mechanics, style, etc., the guy has heart and he put the team on his back and made us look like we belonged on the field with Oakland and San Diego, something that couldn't be said after the first matchups with those teams.

Now we keep hearing these persistent rumors that Denver is going to draft a QB because EFX don't think Tebow is the QB of the future.  There have been anonymous sources reporting that Denver will take a QB early, and that Tebow is not part of the long term plan for the team.  Adam Schein on Sirius reported after the combine that after talking with the Bronco's front office, he doesn't think Tebow has much of a future in Denver.

Which brings us to what I heard this morning which just about made me drive off the road.  Schein said something like "I am not blowing smoke here, I've talked to people close to the situation, and if we ever get a CBA in place Tim Tebow will be traded to the New England Patriots."  Again, this isn't a direct quote, and I don't have the transcript of the interview, but it was in the first segment of the show today if anyone can figure out how to post the audio or the transcript.

This makes me sick.  I despise the Patriots.  If Tebow becomes a Patriot and goes on to the type of career I expect him to have, it will be absolutely soul-crushing for me.  I have watched this team get rid of talented players one after another for so many years, and the recent examples of Peyton Hillis and (yes) Jay Cutler have been painful to watch.  Seeing them perform at a high level for other teams has been brutal, and it reminds me how good we could have been if we'd kept Trevor Pryce and Bertrand Berry on our DL instead of watching them go on to have great careers with other teams.

I hope McGeorge and the others who have gone on record predicting that this is all a smokescreen are correct, but I have to say that Schein has been right about this type of thing before.  He was calling for McDaniels' head by the middle of last season, and I remember him predicting that McDaniels would not be the coach in 2011.  I thought he was crazy at the time.  I want him to be wrong about Tebow more than I've wanted anyone to be wrong about anything in a long time.

There are only two alternatives in my mind.  Either we are not drafting a QB and this is all misdirection designed to disguise our true intentions, or we are drafting a QB and our front office is too incompetent to keep it under wraps.  If it is the former, then I like the strategy and I hope the front office is actually very excited about Tebow's future.  If it is the latter, then I am disgusted with both the plan and the execution.  Trading Tebow is a terrible idea when we haven't even seen what he can do, but it is even worse to telegraph it to the rest of the league.  It destroys his trade value, and it makes it that much harder to draft a QB if everyone else in the league knows that is what we want to do.

So what do you think Bronco fans?  Does the though of Tebow as Brady's eventual replacement make you nauseous?  Would you consider disowning the Broncos of they do this?  It would be especially bitter for me because my childhood hero, John Elway, would be responsible for what I think would be the worst mistake in franchise history.  What say you?

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