A little evaluation


So I decided to weigh in on a little Draft talk. I am not going to do a Mock, but a few players will be mentioned.

I have been totally opposed to drafting a DE. I felt like this would be a huge mistake for Denver with needs so many other places, and I felt that with Doom returning, and my belief that Ayers will continue to progress, it was a position of strength. While I still agree with that assessment, I have begun to consider that adding more pass rush would only make us better, and if it would free up Doom some as a team would be unable to focus only on him.

The obvious need we have is DT. I doubt you will find anyone who will disagree that is one of our biggest weaknesses. The problem is, I’m not thrilled enough with any of the DT prospects to spend the 2nd overall pick on them. If we are unable to trade out of that pick, I feel we have to take the safest player, the player that is least likely to be a bust, and fills a position of need. That player in my opinion is Patrick Peterson. Paired with Champ for a few years would make an excellent tandem and give us one of the best groups in the NFL, if Champ moves to safety in a few years, we can hope Cox or a future FA can fill that void, and our Secondary will still be solid for the next 5 or more years.

What I would like to see Denver do if there is a demand for that number 2 pick is trade back 3-5 spots, and then get whichever team it trades with to give us their 2012 1st round pick as well. The draft chart would probably support that, and we are rebuilding our Defense, and having 2 first round picks next year, with a likely rookie cap in place would give us flexibility to upgrade positions of need.

There are several great players available, but Peterson is the only player I feel there is little risk of becoming a disappointment. This is not a pick we can afford to miss on. I also feel that we can use our two 2nd round picks to fill positions of need at the DT position, and stick with our current linebacker core for another season. The return of Doom and addition of Peterson would be an instant upgrade.

Now as I stated before, I have revised my opinion, and while I still believe Peterson should be the pick, would not be upset if a pass rusher was added. Actually as long as it’s a defensive pick I would be content and look forward to the season with excitement.

Now Broncos management team has gotten a lot of heat for looking at Quarterbacks, and I understand why. I would be upset as well if we picked a QB. Now had Andrew Luck declared, I might be willing to entertain the idea. You can’t fault the management for evaluating the QB class though. If there was a QB who could be the next Peyton Manning you would have to consider taking him, regardless of what QB’s are on the roster. I don’t see a “Peyton” in this draft, and I honestly don’t see any QB prospects that are as good as Orton, Tebow, or Quinn.

Speaking of QB’s, I think unless a free agency opens before the Draft, K.O. is on our roster all season. I could see trading him for a 2012 2nd round pick close to the trade deadline, to a team with an injury, or who was unable to find an adequate starter, but I would rather not for one reason. Tim Tebow is an interesting QB, and I like the passion he brings to the game, and how he plays with everything he has. His style is dangerous though, and if he gets hurt, and we don’t have Orton, our season could be over. I also think we need depth at running back until Moreno shows he can stay healthy.  I would love to sign a talented free agent, if free agency ever opens.

Those are my Bronco related thoughts… feel free to comment.

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