Mocking Consideration: Adolescent Rationale and Our 4 Paths of Destiny


After thinking about this for some time now and digesting countless mock drafts I have finally come to some conclusions I feel could work out for the Broncos on the 28th, 29th and 30th of this month.  I’ll offer some prose from the outset in an attempt to give an analogous and thoughtful perspective on the omnipotent entity we have come to know as the NFL Draft.  Come along...

Much like a fifteen year old kid shopping the Auto Trader for their first car I have gone through daydream scenarios with just about every prospect possible…they each look great in Bronco orange pillaging and plundering the enemies and I see myself in slow motion jumping up for joy as “           “  does his thing and has to step over the sprawled out QB or that other guy “            “  run down that pass for an interception or “soandso” stop the go ahead drive with a tackle for loss or, or, well, the scenarios are endless…but as is the case with this time of year it is about as flighty and meaningless as the first date to be picked in that first car…seems like it’s going to be the only shot at attention from the opposite sex (or whatever your pref. just to be pc) or that that one person is our only chance at happiness and we feel pressure to make it the perfect date but as time goes by and the essence of the mystery of what you think of the opposite sex wears off and more importantly once we realize there are many fish in the sea, so to speak, it’s easy to see that it is important, but not life and death important...and most often in retrospect we end up being glad that the wishes we may have had for the moment, day, year, etc. fade off and leave us to the future that presently makes our life.


Such is the case with the Broncos at this precarious time in not only our beloved franchises history but the leagues as well. While we could speculate the outcome of the conundrum we currently find ourselves in with the current state of the CBA (and I use we in the sense of the NFL, the players and us the fans) I feel, however, for the purpose of analyzing a draft that WILL happen regardless, it is important to focus on the possibilities of the rookies coming aboard in a few short weeks.  I have had to fight the urge, or habit as it may be, to fall in love with one or a few of the prospects and am reminded back to draft/rookie bliss in names like Mecklenburg, Davis, Smith, Sharpe and even Elway as I reminisce back to falling on the couch and staring at the ceiling agape in disbelief that we actually worked out a deal to get him upon hearing the fateful “breaking news report” way back in 1983, that we were blessed or  with the talents of these young men and can say with all honesty that names like these, and there are many others if we begin to look back in the teams drafts, are names that were destined to become Broncos, but were most likely not names (with the exception of Elway here because most never even thought of him as a chance for us) we clamored over like the date we are prepared to do almost anything to gain the attention of including losing our own identity to it for some hypothetical idea we may have for what we think the other person wants us to be.  


So I ask; why do we get all worked up over something that may or may not come to fruition?  I count myself in the group. And so because of that I have had to exercise new methods of thinking about who would be best…which leaves me to the following…it’ll work itself out just like most things in life and in the end we will either embrace our new youngster or we will be on our way to figuring out how to recognize who we don’t want in our future….regardless of how strongly we felt a certain prospect would be THE answer.


I’m guessing that if we could step back and view or relive the early adolescent years, no matter which side of the chromosome ladder you are on, we would find it much easier if we knew then what we know now…but unfortunately we cannot turn back time and neither can the Broncos so “lessons learned” should be the motto going forward… the Broncos have that opportunity shortly and I for one am excited…but with a new method of anxiety riddled pondering of many not just one!


My rationale for 4 of the distinct possibilities I see:


1-We stay put at #2…The “kill two birds with one stone theory”…after much infatuspeculation and seesawing on the prospects it finally came clear to me that if I were picking, Miller would be my guy (w my eye over my shoulder at the other guy still)!  The reason is this…he fills multiple holes/discrepancies with one big fast strong productive player…pass rush/outside containment/TE coverage (enabling diff packages) etc. and with the number of DTs expected to be impact players from this draft I think we can afford to sit and wait for one or two of the them in the later picks with the poss of still filling a hole with a free agent or Bannan if we find there are not two available for the liking.


2-We stay put at #2 but draft Dareus/Fairley/DT/DLineman…The “what seems to be the obvious choice theory”…I have been on the Dareus bandwagon for the longest of the current prospects but I have come to the conclusion that if this is the pick then EFX must have an option in free agency for adding LBing depth as there is little in this draft (of course there will be some who surprise and some who fail from this draft but… like the rest it’s a crapshoot) and also find themselves comfortable with the current DBackfield and or the later round DBs available. A DT at the 2nd pick would be exciting but I feel it also is a little limiting as to the potential impact due to the nature of the position and the direct correlation of time spent on the field making it an expensive option…if we go this way we better have the ability to supplement the D with other or current players because one (or two) DLmen will not make a significant enough difference (check Suh here…) in a short amount of time.


3-We stay put at #2 but draft Peterson…The “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush theory” but we would actually have two so it works out and they would prob not want to pass up on the opportunity to pick a player of this supposed caliber…If EFX go this route with the pick I am convinced of one thing…we are confident to find a couple of DLineman later perhaps with 36 and 46 or later and they feel the importance of having a young franchise type corner/safety to groom along with Champ and speaking of Champ…if he moved to Safety later we still have a potentially great young Corner…also that we will have the chance to sign a free agent LB or find one in the draft.


4-We move our picks and try to accumulate later picks…The “get the most value theory”…I have also gone back and forth as to whether we should take this approach…it is intriguing but also scary to leave a spot on the board we hopefully never have the chance to see again…that being said however this would indicate that the current top prospects do not necessarily garner the ranking to take precedence  over gaining more picks…and that the DTs will still be available with the other positions being either filled through free agency (?) or the draft over the next two or so years.


No matter what though we will be rooting for and arguing over the next group of rooks and they will fulfill their destiny no matter what we think or do or say!  Enjoy the ride and make the most out of the choice come the time…we might be surprised (or disappointed)!  Let’s hope for the former!

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