A Needs Based Mock Draft

I have enjoyed reading all the mock drafts and have agreed (partially) with a few of them, but have now decided to remove myself from the realms of fantasy and look at what we need, rather than what I possibly want. I have spent some time on a "what the hell are you doing?" from my wife, spreadsheet and shuffled endless combinations before coming up with the following, which I will try and justify:

The offence starting lineup look okay, except for RT as I believe Harris will be gone and my selection to replace him is Marcus Cannon (6'5" and 358 - a big lad!) and I'm hoping we'll get him at 67.

There is a lack of depth at RB and I had hoped to get DeMarco Murray (6'0"' and 213) as a tandem/alternative with Moreno, but, as happens,, can't find a spot for him with the picks we currently have and am hoping that we'll trade Orton for a sufficiently high pick to get him or the two others on my wish list (Kyle Rudolph and Martez Wilson), where I have selected, by necessity, my second choices.

I have, howeve,r been able to include TE Julius Thomas (6'5" - 246) at 189, although my preference, as mentioned, would be Kyle Rudolph, who will be long gone. He's not a bad alternative!

I have added FB Henry Hynoski (6"2" - 260) as a replacement / alternative for Spencer Larsen at 194.

These IMHO would be great additions BUT the real issue is with the defence, that I have juggled more than too many times :-)

My number 2 choice is Patrick Peterson - although I considered Dareus, Miller, Fairley, Bowers, Quinn, etc and any number of Tebow alternatives - none measured up unless the Patriots really want to give us Brady in exchange :-)

I would have young Peterson play CB with Cox on the other side (if he's not in jail!) with Bailey (as he plans for his own future) and McBath as safetys. Peterson could have no better mentor than Champ playing next to him.

DT is obviously an area of concern with Vickerson (and maybe M Thomas) needing serious competition and I have chosen Stephen Paea (6'1"" - 303 and another fine Kiwi - also born in Auckland!) and Marvin Austin (6'2"- 309) at 36 and//or 46.

This leaves 246 (yes I've been thorough!) and I have chosen my second choice MLB in Mario Harvey (5'11" - 250) who would be great competition for DJ, Mays (mostly) and Woodyard, although any chance at Martez Wilson (6'5" and 250) would be great, but he is ranked 38 by CBS and 116 by Walter, so I have no idea where he'll be.

So in summery my Needs Based Mock Draft, based on potential availability would be:

2 - Patrick Peterson (CB) - best player in the draft IMHO

36/46 - Stephen Paea/Marvin Austin (both DT)

67 - Marcus Cannon (RT)

189 - Julius Thomas (TE) - although my wish list preference would be Kyle Rudolph - likely to go between 40 and 56.

194 - Henry Hynoski (FB) - not as fast as I'd like at 5.06, but the best option at this level in this role.

246 - Mario Harvey (ILB) - he's no Martez Wilson, but much more likely to be available at this point whereas Wilson could go at any level

Tell me that wouldn't improve the team !

I look forward to you comments and abuse :-)

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