Updated Starting Roster

The draft is over and now we can glimpse at what this years roster will look like


Qb: Tebow-->Tebow deserves a start and the Broncos need to see if he can be our guy, if not we need to move on


RB:Moreno-->Will flourish in a zone blocking system and will benefit from Fox's love to pound the rock


FB: Larson-->Solid, not great, but will do


WR: Lloyd,Royal,Gaffney--->All strong and know their roles, will help Tebow with his development, wish I could put Thomas's name on here but he can afford to take the year off to fully heal


LT: Ryan Clady--->Nuff said


LG: Zane Beadles-->Shows in his second year that he can not only be a great pass protector, but a good inside blocker for the run


C: J.D. Walton: Showed a nasty side last year that will work well with Franklin


RG: Chris Kuper-Proven and will be best in the zone blocking scheme


RT: Orlando Franklin--->Nasty in the run blocking and has the physical tools to protect Tebows blindside for years to come, great pick by EFX, though ryan harris will be missed


TE: Richard Quinn-->in my opinion its his last year to show some sort of growth and could easily be taken over by either Virgil Green or Julius Thomas who both have tremendous upside in both the blocking and receiving games


DE: Ayers and Dumerville--->Ayers will have a career year being put back in his more natural position where he can stuff the run on the strong side and rush the passer. The year before we moved to a 3-4 Elvis had 12.5 sack playing with a broken finger for most of the year. I see no reason why he cant post numbers better than that this year, especially with more talent on the dline and in the LB cores than he had in 08.


DT: Vickerson and Thomas---> Though im a little dissapointed we didnt draft a DT, i agree that BPA in the later rounds is the best way to go instead of reaching for a position. Big Vick is one of my fav players and i think he will be dominant at the DT position and will stuff the run and generate pass rush up the middle. The second spot is trickier and i think we will lean heavily on FA to fill this void but i have always felt that Thomas could be a stud at DT if given a chance and if we can resign Bannan he will also add to the rotation.


SAM: Von Miller-->Miller will immediately fill the gaping hole we have at LB and can not only generate huge pass rush and team on the run with Ayers but can alos drop back in coverage in the slot and on TE's so he can truely be considered a 3 down LB.


Mike: Irving-->LOVELOVELOVE this pick. this guy is tenacious, a fighter and a born leader. Rated highly by not only the broncos but by Bill parcells as well. Has showen tremendous pass rush ability and has a nose for the ball. Fought back from a terrible car accident a year ago and is perfectly healthy now. Cant wait to see this kid in action.


WILL:DJ Williams--->Im excited for Dj this year. every year he gets shuffled around to different positions but i think WILL linebacker has always been where hes been meant to play. He will rack up the number in tackles like he always does and be a consistent and quite leader for our young LB corps,


CB: Bailey,Goodman,Cox-->Bailey will continue to be a stud as always and goodman will hopefully be healthy this year and be able to step into the second CB role where he still has a few good years. I have Cox penciled in at nickle for now but he gained valuable experience last year and though he got burned more times than i liked he showed flashes of starting potential and could overtake goodman. Just a sidenote on Squid, a fan favorite, i hope he gets more playing time because he just seems to always be around the ball and making plays.


FS: Rahim Moore-->its hard to not put Dawkins in at this spot but his play really declined this year and Moore was the best safety in the draft. Though his senior year wasnt as good as his junior year he is still clearly very talented and will be an immediate upgrade.


SS: Darcel Mcbath--> if he is healthy he has the potential to be a great starting safety. But if Darcel McGlass is back again this year we might have to start Quinton Carter who probably needs more time to develop but is likely able to start if needed. Hill will also be around if need be.


K: Prater-->SIGN HIM


P: Colquitt-->Good punter, dont need to look anywhere else.


Thoughts on the Draft: Love the whole draft we def got 4 immediate starters and potential starters in Carter, Thomas and Green. Lots of special teams players as well and i have a sneaky feeling we might have found a nice gem in the 7th round with Beal.

Overall: I think we have turned out to have a  young fast defense and a stong o line and receiving corps.Need to look at DT in FA hard and also RB and maybe even some DE depth. Overall draft grade B+ and team grade B. Mostly our team hinges on Tebows performance.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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