Day after: Have we addressed our biggest weakness?

The draft is done and our team has some new talent to play with. We can all agree that the defense was terrible last year right? Many of us our quick to assume that our defensive tackles were the main issue. I think that is a little misguided. Defensive Line is definitively a major issue. But it is not our greatest weakness per-say. I think we can agree that Bannan played solid, and J-Will had his moments. Thomas looked impressive at times. There weren't numerous bad players on the defensive line. Our biggest issue was, by far, lack of pass rush. Followed closely by missed tackles.

Our biggest liabilities last year were as follows:

1. Brain Dawkins




Let me start by saying he is a great person and WAS a great player. He slipped a lot this past year. Our greatest liability in our starting defensive formation. Can't cover Tight ends anymore and can't be trusted to make ANY tackles in the open field. He was a great liability for us. He personally turned a close game, one which we had momentum early, into a blowout. 11-22-10. San Diego California. Just one of the worst performance by a safety. I had flashbacks of Manuel and Mcree. If he is back on the team, and plays I will be watching him closely because that's where the offense coordinators will attack.

2. Mario Haggan



10/24/10 Never Forget

Many MHR fans have this terrible habit of involving personal aspects of ones life in their evaluation to play football. People were so happy to see D.J. Williams slip up with the DUI and many want him off the team. Foolishness. Our worst Linebacker happens to be a great guy. Mario Haggan was responsible for a lot of the points you saw in the raiders games and the chargers games. He is the polar opposite to LB Mike Mohamed we just drafted. No field awareness. Falls for fakes, constantly out of position and lacks way to much speed in pursuit. He makes great plays (KC) but he completely misses other times. He is a backup and a great ST player. That's it.

3. Russ Hochstein

One of the worst players in the NFL. He played bad even in the pre-season. Against 3rd string. He is just terrible.

3. Ryan Mcbean




Anybody who watches this guy could tell you. The thing is I thought he did well last year.

4. Nate Jones

Another versatile player who will play bad in multiple positions.


Now with these liabilities look at the players we got. We have a lot of help in places we struggled. Granted we needed new LB's anyway for the new scheme but still.

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