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Just a little headline hunting to get the juices flowing.  If you saw a good story I didn't find please add it in the comments 'cause I want to read it too  :D

Jump on into the News:

NFL news is mostly gossip right now but lets see what can be found.


NBA, NFL players' ex-wives likely to feel pinch

NFL and NBA players are lining up to get child support and alimony payments lowered to reflect what would be reduced incomes should their leagues shut down, said attorney Howard Rudolph of Rudolph & Associates in West Palm Beach, Fla.

We may see a deal sooner than we think if we get ex-wives involved.

NFL files preliminary brief in St. Louis

"The NFLPA is not permanently abandoning collective bargaining,'' the league wrote in its brief, "but instead is attempting temporarily to disclaim its union status in hopes of increasing its members' bargaining leverage by subjecting the NFL to antitrust suits over terms and conditions of player employment.''

NFL players and coaches violating lockout? 

One of the comments was interesting, If they have no contract and aren't being paid, why can anyone tell them who they can talk to?


Bush stirs up fans with lockout posts on Twitter

Twitter  haha, also known as "how to get in trouble without really trying".


Lockout losers: rookies and new coaches

Among the teams at the biggest disadvantage are those with new coaching staffs: the 49ers, Panthers and Broncos, although at least Denver's new head coach, John Fox, brings plenty of experience - and victories - from Carolina.


Players want all NFL deals examined

NEW YORK (AFP) – NFL players have asked a federal judge to expand his ruling denying the league television contract income during a lockout to cover all NFL contracts, Sports Business Daily reported Monday.

NFL Players Want To Shoot The Messenger

Although it seems fantasy for now, there will be a day, perhaps in a matter of perhaps months, where Goodell and NFLPA leadership sign a new CBA amidst smiles, handshakes and perhaps even hugs (ala the first-round picks). Those smiles for the cameras will make all the name-calling and vitriol seem like ancient history…perhaps.

Twin Cities suburb pitches new Vikings stadium

While I am sure this will be a nice facility the costs are way out of line.  Also, if the county and state are going to share in costs they should share in profits, not just tax benefits or settle for "more local revenue".   AND....Why did Yahoo use a photo of Brett Favre on this article?   WTH????


Draft News:

Mark Herzlich still focused on NFL

"I'm convinced that it will work out. I know the people in Omaha are excited. If it doesn't work out with the NFL, that could be a good fit for me."

Bears-Ravens draft snafu begs for rules change

This was a big mess.  I just don't see how this could happen.  It just baffles me really.

Just as in the failed deal with the Bears, the clock expired. The key quote, at least from the perspective of fans trying to defend Angelo, was from Newsome. He said at the time: "The deal was not consummated. … A deal is not a deal until I talk to Joel Bussert, and I never talked to Joel Bussert."


Giants Receive Top Grade for NFL Draft 2011 Class

Best NFL Draft 2011 Classes
The Giants got incredible value from top to bottom and had Prince Amukamara fall in their flap at the 19th overall selection. The Saints also were able to get excellent value with their six selections, but did surrender their #1 pick next April on runner Mark Ingram. Obviously, any evaluation of draft classes takes a few seasons, though the eight clubs below graded out high on selecting value pro prospects.

#1 Giants - A
#2 Saints - A
#3 Lions - A
#4 Patriots - B+
#5 Cardinals - B+
#6 Ravens - B
#7 Texans - B
#8 Chiefs - B



Finding lots of articles, I think I will stop here though.  Hope you enjoy the links and have a great spring time day  :D

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