Let's talk Receivers!!





     With all of this Quarterback debating, and Lock-out haggling, I would like to get some of your opinion's on our Receivers. We have some decent depth at this position, but I believe when all are 100% healthy could be some awesome competition on who is who and the go to man! Follow me after the leap!

                First off here is a rundown on the depth we have at receiver and there stats. ( These are not Depth Chart Ordered)

1. # 12 Matthew Willis - Had a good Pre-Season in 2010 getting 13 catches for 263 yards, Also got his first NFL start in the 2009 season In Denver's Final game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

2. # 88 Demaryius Thomas-  Rookie year In the 2010 Campaign he started 10 games totaling up 22 catches for 283 yards and 2 touchdowns, before suffering an injury.

3. # 19 Eddie Royal- started every game last season and tallied up 59 receptions for 627 yards and 3 touchdowns, He is also a kick returner and punt returner between the two one them he put up 30 returns for 405 yards.

4. #13 Eron Riley- Has been on practice squad his career in the NFL so far. He was a two-time second-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference selection with the Blue devils, as he finished his career with 144 receptions for 2,413 yards with 22 touchdowns.


5. # 84 Brandon Lloyd- In his 9th season now, in 2010 he amassed 77 receptions for 1,448 yards and 11 touchdowns. Thus being his breakout season from playing for 3 other teams Chicago, Washington, and San Fransisco.


6. # 10 Jabar Gaffney- Now in his 10th season. he put together 65 receptions for 875 yards and 2 touchdowns in the 2010 season. This also being his most productive season.

7. # 87 Eric Decker-  in his rookie season he made 6 receptions for 106 yards and 1 touchdown. set University of Minnesota career records with 227 receptions and 3,119 receiving yards that rank sixth and eighth, in Big Ten Conference history. Started for three seasons at Minnesota, totaling 11 career 100-yard receiving games and dropping only three passes in the 354 times he was targeted . Led the Big Ten (15th in nation) with 94.8 receiving yards per game as a senior in 2009

8. # 17 Britt Davis- Practice Squad for 14 games of 2010.


So that is 8 guys competing for spots all with potential, aside from the veterans Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney, and Eddie Royal, The guy that I have my sights on is Eric Decker, I see this young man working very hard and proving himself on the field as a major threat much like Wes Welker in the Slot for New England, I am sure many agree.

I also think that if he can stay Healthy D-Thomas will be a beast, But with Gaffney and Lloyd here I don't think he will get much Reps until later especially if Lloyd Continues to get better and have Pro-Bowl Seasons! " I wouldn't be surprised".. Thomas is probably going to miss a good portion of this season with his injury, and even when he returns I see him competing in the 2012 season with Gaffney for the #2 spot behind Lloyd.

Then there is Little Eddie, This guy is a stud no doubt and if actually targeted would tear up the defense, when being given the opportunities. BUT I honestly think Decker will have the slot position put in his lap and I see Eddie being a very Significant part of our Special Teams! I see Him being able to focus solely on his returning skills, and being very very critical to us. He will be the guy to get pissed and step up and swing the momentum back in our favor with big returns!!

Now think about it, if we pick up D-Williams from Carolina to Compliment Moreno, "Tebow Time" starts and does exactly what we expect from him, we just picked up the next Antonio Gates at Tight-End, We have the makings of a very very massive offensive assault! and with the youth we put into our defense learning under legends! we have the possible core of Champions!! Are you listening... Can you hear it??? Cause I know I can..  WE WILL, WE WILL, ROCK YOU!! 

Fellow True Denver Fans: It is time to really pick up the Volume in Mile High, I was listening to John Madden talk about how when he coached Oakland Our Stadium was savage and ruthless to play in, but once he started broadcasting after he retired he went to some of our other games and said it was rather quiet and pretty mellow completely different from the Rivalry Games.  That Stadium needs to be ruthless any time someone steps into our house, No one will walk on us!! Its all about Pride and the Desire to win and be champions! Now in the Words of the great Brian THE WOLVERINE Dawkins "TAKE ITTTTTTTTT"!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the read, would like to hear others opinions on the Topic!!

Until we are proven otherwise 13-3 GO BRONCOS

(What Champions Are) ---

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