The Third (and Forgotten) Side of the NFL Lockout

Hello folks!  Hope you are enjoying the week before Memorial Day.


I'm sure this has been written and discussed many times since the NFL lockout started.  We have seen ups and downs so far.  The ups have been the NFL Draft, but that is about it.  From the fans point of view, it has mostly been downs.  We have seen de-certifications, injunctions, stays and the largest items: appeals, mediation and soundbites between players, owners, the commissioner, the NFLPA head and their respective attorneys.  The folks that don't seem to be listened to are us the fans.  Many NFL fans have tweeted, emailed, snail-mailed and called the players and teams respectively.  There have been a few messages that the fans have been telling the parties involved in the lockout.


We want football!

Shut up and play!

Get a deal done!


I am aware of some fans siding with the players or the owners.  It is especially showing with everyone's own partisan political perspectives.  Having this point of view only leads us the fans to fighting and bickering over who is right and who is wrong and blaming judicial appointments made by current and past presidential administrations is quite silly.  Political debates have been raging since the beginning of time and we need to be very wary of this lockout devolving into a rhetorical war of politics between fans.

This is a critical time for fans to unite against the lockout (and I do think that is the case) now.  Right now, our beloved Broncos as well as the rest of the teams are sitting in neutral with time being wasted.  I don't know about you, but I want to get these guys working again.  We still need help on the team and it would be nice to have free agency and player trades so Denver can rebuild the roster and get the EFX era underway.

The last thing I want this fall is having nothing to do or enjoy on Sunday afternoons.  My wife would love it, but I would go cuckoo!  All I have to say to all the money people involved in this lockout is......


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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