What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been


What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been: The Internal Dialog of a Broncos Fan


January 15th 2006, days before my weeklong vacation to Fort Collins:

YES! Indy lost! Home game on the Sunday I happen to be in Colorado. Let me pull up my bank account..okay now off to Ebay. Whew, $800 for two nosebleeds seats, have to pull the trigger.


January 22nd 2006, AFC Championship Game:

Alright, let’s do this!! I love my fellow Bronco fans, having so much fun chatting with tailgaters. Crap, too much time passed, game starts in 5 minutes. It’s time to grab the girlfriend and get to the seats right now. Shops are seducing, I want me some gear, however gear with AFC Champions on it is better, so I’ll wait. Ugh, what is happening! Already down by 3 scores!! God Plummer is running for his life out there, but he needs to get his shit together. Hahaha, guy behind me yells “I’m going to wipe my ass with your hair Polamalu.”(future shampoo commercials become even more hilarious). Well we lost, there is always next year. No gear, too depressed. Let’s go home.

January 1st 2007, Darrent Williams is murdered.

No….no no no no no no. What happened??? WHY???  I can’t believe this is happening. DWill was a great kid who did a lot for the communities in Denver and Fort Worth, he did not deserve this. We may have lost a season, we may have lost a player, but nobody lost more than Ms. Williams today. I hope she stays strong through this all and comes out okay. RIP

February 22nd 2007, Damien Nash passes.

I feel heartbroken. It’s weird, I’ve never met Williams or Nash and do not know them personally, but it’s absolutely heartbreaking. Damien was another good kid, someone who used his fortune in life to help others. I can only hope the impact of these two young men leaves a positive imprint on those they left behind, and the many they helped in their lives. RIP

December 28th 2008, Chargers roll over us 52-21.

We did it, we are the first team in history that only needed one win to get to the playoff with three games left and didn’t make it. God I really hate the Chargers! Well the punch was expected after Hochuli gave us the first game. But last week’s loss to Buffalo was much worse, because we should have won that game! We have no business flopping like we did(little did I know what was coming the next 2 seasons).

December 30th 2008, Shanny gets fired.

Holy CRAP! I did not see that coming. Why the hell would we fire Shanahan? Two time Superbowl winning coach, one of the most winning in history, this is crazy! Okay, reading some articles, seems we want to move in a different direction, too much stagnation. I can understand that to an extent, but we better replace him with someone worthy(ha!). Lots of defensive coaches going to be available, let’s hope for the best.

January 11th 2009, McDaniels is hired.

I’m confused. I thought we wanted to go in a different direction yet we just hired an offensive mastermind. I really wanted Spags, but they must see something in McDaniels. He did call the plays for the highest scoring team in history after all. Him and Cutler are going to be a good combo(ha!), now let’s hope we get a solid D-Coordinator!

October 19th 2009, we start 6-0.

YES!! FIST PUMP!! Suck it Rivers! Suck it Belicheck! Suck it Romo, you don’t throw at Champ! Stokely for President! This season is going great. Loving the Orton Marshall connection! Loving this 3-4 defense, Nolan was a great pickup! I’m ecstatic right now! Finally something positive!

January 3rd 2010, we miss the playoffs again.

Wtf just happened…two years, two playoffs missed in record style. Two last game blowouts to division rivals. This is no fun. These past two seasons have been the worst kind of tease possible. Why can we still not score in the RZ with a totally different team and scheme? We showed some promise, next year can’t possibly be worse than the last two(ha!).

April 22nd 2010, we draft Tim Tebow.

What?? I did not see that coming. All I know of Tebow is to make fun of him to Florida fans. Well a lot of people are excited, I’m going to go read up on him and see what this is all about. Holy crap, this kid played on a broken leg, in High School! The bone was completely broken, that’s some amazing grit to show at that age and on a stage where you have zero material gain for doing so. That’s a pure undiminishable fire to win. I like that a lot, haven’t seen that passion since Elway. After reading and watching enough on Tebow, I like the pick now. Hell, I love it.

September 20th 2010, Kenny McKinley commits suicide.

It’s a shame Kenny felt his life wasn’t worth living, it’s a shame he didn’t seek help. I hope he considered the people he left behind when he decided to end his own life. I’ve had friends and family that were suicidal and almost succeeded, so I’m a bit too close to the subject to be objective. I normally take a harsh stance towards suicide, but a lot of the articles reacting to the event are making me reconsider that stance. This team and community have lost too many players. RIP

December 6th 2010, McDaniels is fired.

I can’t help but feel ambivalent towards McDaniels at this point. I am both interested and scared to see what he could do with another season. Now that’s over and it’s a new day in Bronco Country. Please start Tebow in AZ, I’d love to see his first start in person.

December 19th 2010, Tim starts against the Raiders.

Orton lost me. I saw with my own eyes how dejected he was coming off the field(found out later it was most likely his rib injury). Let the Tebow era begin! Wowwwwww, holy CRAP!!! That 40 yard TD run was AMAZING!! That’s what Tebow brings to the table!! Wowwwww!! What a bomb, it was a bit limpy but it dropped right in the corner of the endzone into Lloyds magical hands. Time to order a jersey, ohh nice Orange authentic for $60 on Amazon, sold. Okay, half time and we are tied, not too bad. Ugh, and now reality sets back in. Damn I hate how we crumble at times. Not much you can do with this run D…

January 2nd 2011, lose out to the Chargers to end the season.

What an exciting game! I’m not alone in feeling this as Mile High is still cheery even as the last Hail Mary hit the ground. After the Texans game, I think every person in that building and watching at home felt the possibility of a comeback today. Okay another season of searching for a coach. Glad we kept Xanders, what he did he did well(contracts and draft movement). I think he deserves a real shot at being GM. Let’s get us a defensive coach please!

January 8th 2011, Elway is hired as EVP.

ELWAYYYYYYY!!! Long time no see, we missed you!! Now you and Xanders go get us a defensive minded coach!

January 13th 2011, John Fox is hired as HC.

Whoooo!!! Finally! John Fox is exactly what we needed. A coach the players can get behind(for real, not just to the press), a defensive coach, and a coach that knows how to make a quick turnaround. Great job Elway and Xanders!

April 30th 2011, the last day of the draft.

Way to go Xanders, thank you for rewarding my faith! I love this draft. Our team showed patience and reaped the benefits. We may have not filled the DT hole, but we filled many other deep holes with this draft. And we did it in an intelligent and patient manner. We let the board fall to us, unlike McD who exhibited zero patience and often reached for players. Franklin was the only pick I question. But maybe there was a reason for picking him I don’t understand yet.


Afterword: There were a few reasons for this post. First I was really bored with nothing to do during a 12 hour shift. Second, I’ve been thinking a lot about our long strange trip since 2005. Third, I’ve noticed some people feeling like MHR and the fan base degraded the last couple of years. I hope this post shows that the causes were not MHR or the fan base, but the reality we have been dealt as a team since we lost the 2005 AFC Championship game. We have had a really rough couple of years. Not many other fan bases have enjoyed winning on the level we had(esp from 1995 to 2005, we literally were the most winning team in the NFL in that time period). We got to see Elway ride out with two Superbowl rings on his fingers. Some would argue we have no room to complain with our history being what it is. But we witnessed some of the most tragic events in Bronco history, while setting records for losing out seasons. That will take a toll on even the most ardent fans. I truly believe our fan base is what it always was, the best out there. We have been through some very troubling times, and we are all still here for our team. We have our differences of opinion, and we are all still here for our team. We are a part of the Denver Broncos as much as they are a part of us. True fandom is passion, and while it can get the best of us at times, this site, this fan base is inundated with passion.


I am a Denver Bronco, and so are all of you. And there is nothing else in life I hold with such pride than that fact. And I know our team will validate our pride! Broncos have passion, and the passionate do not tend to lose for long.

So to every coach, everyone in the FO, every player, and every fan; I give you a Mile High Salute. I leave with words influenced by the Wolverine. This season? LET’S TAKE IT!!!! GO BRONCOS!!


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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