Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, and Brady Quinn

     Sunday morning, got my coffee, waking up.  What's this?  A Redskins QB controversy?  Hmm, still questions in Denver, at least for the fan base.  What will our Broncos look like if we have a season to play?  We can't even answer that!  We have FA to go through and no idea when or even if that will happen.  The Bronco organization has made some very good moves in 2011, our team seems to be moving in the right direction.  It seems most of the fans are happy with the draft, most are only scratching heads over one pick.  Not bad considering our last few drafts.

Jump with me and find out why I insist on bringing up our QB's again.

     I want to bring up one question here.  If we are happy with bringing in John Elway and we are happy with bringing in John Fox.  If we are happy with the roster moves and draft, happy with the direction  (we think) of future FA signings.  Why then aren't we happy with the Front Office saying there will be competition at QB?  Why do we lose faith when it comes to our QB?

     Yea, I know the answer.  Still, here are my thoughts.  We have three starting quality Quarterbacks on our team.  One has struggled through injuries, benchings, trades, and fan abuse.  One is unproven on the pro level but has huge promise.  Finally, one struggled on a bad team and was traded to the back burner, possibly never to be seen again.


Kyle Orton:   This man shows real smarts and ability, though his athleticism is questionable.  I believe his time to shine as a starter is limited and he will end up being a steady, mature leader most likely mentoring young QB's coming in.  Yes, much like Steve DeBerg did.  I liked Steve DeBerg, but not enough to depend on him to win......   Orton may even follow in Kubiak's shoes with his football knowledge he could end up coaching at some point., but I digress.    Kyle Orton can win games for you but he needs a solid team around him.  This is not a bad situation and most fans would be happy to have a solid, gritty player leading their team.  Not us, no sir, we have options!


Tim TebowA football phenom.  Nothing but good press.  Nothing but promise and high aspirations.  Desire enough to fill the hearts of a stadium and fanbase.  Tall, good looking, muscular, easy going.  Who doesn't want to be around this guy?  So why all the questions about his ability to make the move to the next level?  I won't pretend to understand mechanics in football or what the "pros" know that make them question his ability.  Fire, talent, desire, ability, and what else?  A 1-2 record as a pro.  If nothing else that should be a grounding statistic.  Meaning nothing more than expectations should be tempered.  Tebow should/could be a Vick, or Elway ( just can't think of names right now) type player.  Mobile, quick with a rocket arm, can he throw to his target effectively?  That is an unanswered question so far


Brady QuinnFirst round draft pick.  So good it seems he could hold out for the contract he wanted.  Maybe not!  Quinn played on a bad team and still had trouble getting and keeping the starting job.  During his one stretch of starting games (6) his numbers were ok, with some consistent playing time he could get more comfortable and play better.  He didn't get that and now he is buried on a depth chart that leaves him little hope for a chance at starting.  So, is he a back up?  Do we have faith that he is good enough to come out and manage games, keep us in "the hunt".  Lots of questions that are not so important for our third stringer but become very important for our back up!


Well, there you have it.   Three Quarterbacks, three different playing styles, three levels of hope, three levels of experience, and three levels of success.   I have said this before and it pops in my head at least once a day.    What a problem to have!!  Three Quarterbacks, three possible starters.  How many teams can say that?  I will grant anyone that disagrees that Quinn is not ready to start, but will allow him the ability given his first round draft status.  I would rather have this problem than the Cardinals, or the Redskins.  They need to find a QB, we need to pick one out of three :)  Of course it isn't that simple is it?  Salary Cap?  If there is one we have to decide if we gain cap space by moving one of our QB's.  If we can afford it, why not have three able players on the roster?  Well, because carrying three QB's is almost unheard of and we have other more pressing needs.  We do need to get rid of one, but which one?  How about locker room cohesiveness?  Many think Orton will be a disease if he is not the starter, causing disent among the players feeling they must pick one.   I disagree with this view, but it certainly may be the case.  What about injury?  We already know Kyle Orton will play through injury even to the detriment of the team, no way he should have played the KC or AZ games last  season.  Tim Tebow played on a broken leg in High School!  Ok, he will play through injury.  Can Brady Quinn come in and keep our team playing well in the event our starter goes down?  Do we trade Quinn to keep the two better players thus insuring we have a capable back up?


So many questions with no answers.  We have nothing better to do than speculate so let's do just that.   McGeorge has stated that most of the fanbase would be willing to trade KO.  I am curious so am putting up this poll.  I hope I get the options right and you all can make the choice you would prefer.

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