A Look at Tebow's First 3 Starts

So the idea for this post came from a debate I was having with a Rams fan on MTD. He was trying to say Tebow's starts at the end of the year were laughable. One of his many points were that he felt the media has been too kind to him (LOL!) and that the expectations for him were so low everyone excuses his "poor" performance. So, being a sound debater, I provided some stats to back me up on how he did play well for a rookie. I will get into those stats later, but as a true debater I used some facts as well.

The other person kept reffering to how even for a rookie making his first couple starts, Tebow looked bad. Now, the stats really don't tell the whole story. Tebow made some bad throws, namely the INT vs. Houston. I know I don't have to tell you guys, but when looking at the 3 games as a whole, Tebow's performance was very impressive.


But before we get into the 3 games, let's take a look at the previous 2: Not to beat the same old drum, but Orton wasn't even bad, he was atrocious. In the KC game, Orton completed 32% of his passes... pathetic. He also failed to lead the offense to one TD, which if he did would have resulted in a win for us. On the one day the D decides to help him Orton decides to hurt them. The next game was one of the worst games I've seen the Broncos play. They went on the road to a team that was equally as bad as we were in Arizona. Orton literally craps the bed, throws 3 picks and can't even complete half of his passes. In these 2 games, Orton led Broncos averaged 10.5 points per game. Throughout both games, Orton looked flustered behind a young and injured OL.


Tebow steps in and we know the rest of the story. But from a stat view, he takes huge steps over Orton and made this entire team play better, all the while playing better with the 4-12 team Orton struggled with in his final 2 games. The team scored more with Tebow, Tebow played better then Orton on an individual basis, on a team with an interim HC and clearly on the verge of cleaning house (although with the lockout the house wasn't cleaned, and it might not be). To me, that was amazing for a rookie to show that much leadership and ability to play with a failed team. Tebow showed poise and played well, even behind a weak OL (the same one Orton couldn't), which is usually the opposite when it comes to rookie QBs.

Now I know you all know this, and sorry for all that but I like to back up my stats with facts. This isn't baseball, numbers don't tell the whole story, but these ones will help. Below, I have compared 4 rookie QB's first 3 starts in 2010:

(Note: CP=Completion percentage)

Braford: CP: 58%         TD/INT: 4:5         YPG: 218           PPG: 19

McCoy:  CP: 67%          TD/INT: 1:2         YPG: 176          PPG: 24 (even though he only scored 2 times in this span)

Clausen: CP: 51%        TD/INT: 1:1        YPG: 175           PPG: 12

Tebow: CP: 50%            TD/INT: 4:3        YPG: 217          PPG: 25


I felt these were the most important stats to look at for QBs for the sake of me and this other fellow's debate. The other person was berating and "lol-ing" Tebow for his completion percentage. You'd obviously like to see it higher, and as I told the guy for a QB who was severely underfire from a battered OL (the Texans game comes to mind most, where he at one point had to break a tackle in the pocket just to throw the ball away) and for a guy who had very little work with the 1st team WR's before his starts, it was pretty impressive, and its a stat I expect to go up if he can get some work with the WR's and the rest of the first team in a starting QB battle with Orton.

But looking beyond the CP, Tebow does better then all these other QB's in very important aspects of the game. People look at McCoy and Bradford as future franchise QB's, and they very well could be, but to say Tebow based on 3 starts can't while these guys can is a joke. I really think these stats help prove the point that Tebow is on par with or possibly better then these other QB's who the media and other fans are in love with.

Also if you notice rushing totals weren't taken into account, and if you do so, Tebow blows the rest of these QB's away in every category except for the CP. If you want those rushing totals in, you could put 199 yards over 3 games, making a 66 YPG on the ground. Pretty impressive for a QB who ran too slow of a 40 to scramble at the next level.

Now, to finish on a caveat: I'm not saying Tebow is a finished prospect. I watched a lot of film for this debate, and you can see there are some things he needs to improve on. But, for all those that say he is a failure and has no chance to succeed, bring up just a couple of these points.

Please excuse me if you don't like this. I'm not a great writer but I felt this information I collected from my debate should be shared. I doubt I will change many minds on this website, since they were already going this way for the most part, but I hope I could help show why Tebow showed promise through numbers, not just the increased play we saw on the field.

Go Tebow but more importantly: GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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