Actions speak louder than words



       Considering that we have a new regime here in Denver and a current lockout the only way to forecast what we wil  see this fall is to look at the few moves that EFX has made and not what they have said. I think that EFX believes that this team can win now and their moves so far explain this. Fox has said that Orton is the starter to gain bargaining room to trade him basically giving the impression that we intend to keep him for one more year, so if you want him than you will have to pay.

        The Draft moves that EFX made this weekend tell who will start for this team next year at QB and its not neckbeard. First they draft a right tackle to replace Ryan Harris and to protect Tebows blind side. If this is not the reason then why not draft a DT like Austin or Paea when they had a chance and let Beadles develope and play RT. Second they draft not one but two athletic recieving TE's neither one of these guys were drafted to replace Daniel Graham, and Orton seemed to do just fine last year throwing for almost 300 plus yards a game barely ever throwing to a TE. People forget that this team had no problems moving the ball last year on offense especially between the 20's it was the redzone and 3rd down where they failed, but not in the last 3 games with Tebow. in those last three games we scored 23pts against OAK, 24pts against HOU, and 28pts against SD thats an average of 25 pts a game and suffient enough to win 9+ ball games. I dont know what Tebows 3rd down percentage was but it is sure to be improved with the addition of a recieving TE.

         Now on to the Broncos defense a unit that has more holes in it than swiss cheese. The first thing EFX did it cut ties with Bannan, and JWall freeing up two roster spots and cap room that they can spend on one high priced free agent/ traded tackle (Haynesworth). The next thing they did was resign Kevin Vickerson a solid B of a player in the 34 last year leaving one vacanant DT spot. This spot will be filled by a stop gap player to get them by for the next couple of years because if they wanted a franchise type guy that could develope over a season or two then they would of drafted Dareus.I think Dareus is going to be a fine pro and porbably have a long career but I just dont see him being an impact player in his 1st year, its takes time to build up the man strength you need to go against 30 year old men playing OL in this league. So they take Von Miller with there 1st  pick a player that at worst will help to pressure the QB from day 1 I dont care if the guy only comes into replce Haggan on 3rd down to rush the QB he will help this D and make an impact.

           Next pick Rahim Moore a mature 3 year starter and the best FS in the draft who has ballhawk skills and will take the job away from Renaldo hill who was a stop gap himself left over from the McDaniels era, who played very subpar last year. Now when it comes to linebackers we have one of the best 4-3 Weakside backers in the game the only problem is he has been forced to play SAM then MIKE because he is such a versatile and dominant player plus this team has been missing a true MIKE backer since we lost Al wilson. So what does EFX do? they draft the no.1 MLB on their board another guy that will start for this team from day one and enable them to instantly upgrade there D by moving DJ Williams to his defensive rookie of the year position.

           The next guy I want to talk about is Quinton Carter the Broncos draft this guy at a real value he was the second rated safety and they got him in the mid rounds. A lot of people seem to think that Dawkins is still a player in this league but lets wake up and smell the coffee, the guy drastically fell off last year he looked like he didnt belong on the field. I dont see him making it thru training camp. Carter was a FS in college but he has what it takes to move to SS and play in the box, the guys loves to bring the wood! Plus he is another guy that I believe is NFL ready from day one espessially at the SS position where he will be responsible for run support.

          OK I understand that this has us starting 3 rookies on defense but it fills holes with young talented players in positions where they are just asked to use there natural instincs. These rooks will obviously make mistakes but our weakneses will be spread out and we will have impact players where they belong. Dumervil, and DJ go to the positions where they are the most productive and the least of a liabilty (Dumervil+the run). Ayers moves to the position that got him drafted as a 1st round pick and belongs Haggan moves to SAM backer where he played in buffalo and belongs. Von Miller gives us a duel pass rushing threat of he and Dumervil on 3rd downs where we were the worst last year. Stoppin 3RD DOWNS and getting off the field isnt that what defense is about?

           Im not saying this will be the best defense in the league but it cant be worse than last years 32nd ranked D. last year we were 4-12 but we were a far better team than that, we lost six games by 8 pts or less last year  4 of them being by 6 or less and 3 of them were by 4 or less I believe with the combination of Fox's ball control offense, Tebows red zone presence and a pressure turnover defense we can make up those eight points and make a run at a winning season and take the AFC west. That is what EFX believes atleast thats what their action so far say thats why they didnt take a chance on Paea(injury) Bowers(injury) Austin(character) they took the players .who will make the biggest impact and help this team win NOW!.

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