Denver didn’t draft a QB…..but,


Denver did act like one.  Let me clarify. Denver’s draft was run by one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game and it showed. Now this isn’t going to be a Kyle Orton vs. Tim Tebow thing, but I do truly feel Tim is our QB in 2011 you’ll understand this statement later. Keep reading, now to be clearer a QB in any league has 4 basic fears. They are the outside pass rush, blindside protection, INT’s and a hot route dump player. With that said if you look at Denver’s draft, they drafted in the mind set of a QB. To broaden on this take a look.

 1.      Outside Pass Rush

This is one of the biggest fears in the mind of a QB. “How much time do I have?” Now any pass rush one could say is a fear. You’re right, but the outside rush is not seen, it’s felt! The QB can't see that rush he has to have a time clock built in so when the buzzer sounds the ball better be gone. Did Denver address this fear? Doom and Von on the outside, Check, yes they did.


 2.      The Blindside

Most QB’s in the NFL the left side is the blind side, not so much in Denver. With a south paw at the helm the Right Side is the blind side.  Denver drafts a RT with a huge wingspan, who by all counts is just plain nasty. This guy I knew very little about before Denver took him. Not now, this kid plays the tackle like a man possessed. He has a stronger punch then most DT’s have. I watched a couple YouTube highlights were his punched simply knocked the DE over. Did Denver address this fear? Check that one too!



 3.      INT’s

Denver drafts not one but two ball hawking safeties to go with Champ Bailey in the secondary. Moore is a centerfielder who’s game is “ball in air, catch it”. When allowed to roam in 09 he had 10 INT’s. When he had to play mostly man in 2010 he had 2.  Man coverage is going away in the NFL. Wide outs are just getting to big and to fast to try and cover one-on-one. I see Denver running a lot of the 4-3 Tampa 2. Now the corners can still be in man, but the safeties will be zone. Meaning Moore will be able to roam again. Did Denver address this fear? Check.


 4.      Hot Route or Dump down player

A big TE that was a basketball standout who can push for position and get in front of people with his big body to get open quick. Wow what a concept, this sounds like another player we have played twice a year for awhile now. Check this one off too.


So Denver’s draft was run by a QB to address the biggest fears of QB, consequence, maybe, but I’d like to think it was the plan all along.

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