Why Kyle Orton MUST GO this season

Alright so we all know that this lockout is holding us as a franchise back a little further than most teams due to our greater needs...

- I know Orton had a great statistical year, but who here is going to tell me that you truly believe Orton can lead the Denver Broncos to the promiseland? The guy is a statue in the pocket and had padded stats in many games as we had McDaniel's spread offense on the field for almost every fricken snap. I'll admit that he has progressed largely from when he first came into the league( I live in Chicago so I get to see their constant flow of dismal quarterbacks) but I think most of you will agree with me that he really can't peak any higher than he did last season. I don't put the entire blame on him for losses or anything like that, our defense was miserable to watch last season. But the main statistic that stands out and really shows what type of quarterback Kyle Orton is has to be his completion percentage on third down (AWFUL) and this leads to our defense getting minimal rest due to Orton's inability to convert.

I mean lets compare Orton's strengths to Tebows...

Tebow: Speed (NOT A STATUE, athletic enough to buy time, can make plays with his feet if he has enough running room and this can be very helpful on those costly third downs.

Desire: I really don't need to elaborate here but Tebow wills his team to win and will serve as more than just a role player that fits in a system like Orton.

Work Ethic: It's hard to find someone in the NFL with the dedication and will power to get better each and every day and to point out his weaknesses to focus on improving them. Tebow does have his flaws (throwing motion, throwing from the pocket) but I'm not overly concerned about that as seeing John Elway can show him a pointer or two ;) And who in their right mind believes that he isn't working each and everyday on his throwing release and pocket presence along with watching mass amounts of film on his three NFL starts to get a better understanding of how to read NFL defenses?

Born Winner: When has this guy not been a dominating force in football no matter where or when he has played? This man finds ways to win football games!

Orton: Arm: Yes, Orton has really improved his ability to put more zip on his throw and made some spectacular plays particularly with Brandon Lloyd last season which i give him all the credit in the world for.

Experience: Orton has played in multiple offenses and has a very good handle on play-calling and audibles. He has improved statistically every season.

Final Say: From looking at these points, Orton clearly has the upperhand with his knowledge of the NFL playbooks and reading defenses etc. But his ceiling has been reached as he has made best with what he can, not a super athletic guy with zero mobility but has a real good head for the game and can read defenses like its his job. But wasn't that done by him putting in extra time and effort in the film room and meeting with his receivers and lineman to develop chemistry between the two? That sounds like a pretty good work ethic which turned a sub-par quarterback with no intangibles into one who led the NFL in passing yards for several weeks last season. Well now lets think about if Tim Tebow worked as hard as Orton did in every aspect of his game and put in the extra time? OH WAIT! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HE WILL DO AND NOBODY CAN DOUBT THAT.


Lets take those draft pick(s)/players and see what we have in Tim Tebow... and hey if he ends up being a bust which many analysts project...isn't there a quarterback out of Stanford that's supposed to be pretty good coming out of college next year?

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