More thoughts on The Draft and The FUTURE

Well the draft is officially over and I do believe that The Denver Broncos did a very good job.  I think the players we draft will all be very good building blocks to a Great Team.  I was surprised that we didn't draft a RB and a DT.  I thought we would draft one of each.  I think that the team needs going into Free Agency is exactly that 1-2 DT's and 1-2 RB's.

3 Players I think we STOLE -   Quinton Carter , Virgil Green and Jeremy Beal.

Here is my grades on Denver's Draft

Overall I would give Denver a A-

1.        Von Miller -   A Elite LB who will give Denver 2 Great Pass Rushers.  I think that Dennis Allen and John Fox will  create mismatches for Von Miller and he will probably finish the 2011 Season with 75 Tackles and 9 Sacks.Grade A+

2.        Rahim Moore -  Elways says he only fears DB's who can Int the football and Moore is probably the best at this. I think this is a solid pick and really think in year 2-3 Moore will be a Great Free Safety -  Grade B+

3.        Orlando Franklin -   Fox loves his OT's to be big and nasty and Franklin reminds me a little of Jeff Otah.  I think he will improve our Run Blocking.  Grade B+

4.        Nate Irving -    ILB - Irving had 20 Tackles for loss and Bill Parcells had him rated a 1st Round Player.  I am very excited about him.  Grade A-

5.        Quinton Carter - Safety - Denver got 2 out the 3 best Safeties.  I can see 2-3 years from now Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter being our 2 Starting Safeties.  Great pick in the 4th.  Grade A

6.         Julius Thomas - TE -    Honestly at this point I wanted my favorite Olineman Marcus Cannon(who New England Drafted) but Thomas is a former basketball player like Antonio Gates - lets hope he turns out to be a good TE.  Grade B-

7.         Mike Mohamed - LB -   Good Player but I would have drafted Jerrell Powe or D. Scott RB Maryland.  I think he will be solid player though. Grade B-

8.         Virgil Green - TE -   3rd/4th Round Prospect in the 7th?  Great Pick up.   Grade A-

9.         Jeremy Beal - DE -   Great Pick.  I went back and did some research on Beal and LOVE THIS PICK.  Beal had 72 Tackles and 8.5 Sacks in 2010.  His stats blow away Adrian Clayborns 52 Tackles and 3.5 Sacks and Allen's Bailey's stats 45 Tackles and 7 Sacks.    Grade A+++



UnRestricted Free Agents I want

1.      Ian Williams - DT - Notre Dame - 6'1" 300lbs - Denver should try to sign Wiliams who had a 4th Round Grade.


2.      Graig Cooper - RB - Miami - 5'10" 210lbs - Cooper had a 2nd Round Grade before a ACL injury in 2009.


3.      DeAndre McDaniels - S - Clemson - 6'0" 210lbs -  Has talent

4.      Anthony Gray - DT - Southern Miss - 6'0" 317lbs - Big Dt

5.      Derrick Locke - RB - Kentucky - 5'8" 188lbs - Explosive RB


Free Agents

1.     Barry Cofield - DT - NY Giants - 6'4" 305lbs -  52 Tackles and 4 Sacks - Besides Dareus or Fairley I think Cofield is probably better than any DT we could have drafted.


2.     Brandon Mebane - DT - Seattle - 6'1" 311lbs -   Only 26 years old and has a good 4-5 years left in the NFL.


3.     Roman Harper - S - New Orleans - 28 Years old - 98 Tackles and 6 Forced Fumble and 1 Int - I think that Denver will part ways with Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hill and Roman Harper played for Dennis Allen and is only 28 years old and would be a great Safety to team with Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter.


4.     Michael Bush - RB - Oakland - 6'1" 245lbs - 655 yards and 8 TD's - Bush would be a great combo with Moreno who is smaller.



Final Thoughts

1.      Denver must sign atleast 1-2 DT's - give me either Barry Cofield or Brandon Mebane and another rotational DT.

2.      Denver did a great job in the draft and 3 years from now we will really have a great nucleus of players.

3.      Denver will have to sign atleast 1 Good FA RB - Michael Bush is my pick.

4.      I think I would rather have Roman Harper over Brian Dawkins(at age 37/38) or Renaldo Hill(32) and think he might still be in play because of Dennis Allen.   There is no way Denver starts 2 Rookie Safeties.

5.     I am saying right now that Jeremy Beal will be as good as Charles Johnson of Carolina in 3 years.  I think when we look back at this draft and say how did we steal him.

6.     I think that Denver will finish 2011 8-8 and have the 16th Ranked Defense under John Fox.

Go Broncos!!!!

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