Broncos Future, Rumors squashed

I have some inside scoop from some of our star players personal camps:

Moreno is bulking up in the off season and has been hitting the weights harder than any year prior.  According to trainers he as added 15 pounds of solid muscle and is gunning for 20 by season start (lock out start not taken into consideration.  

Tebow has been on a strict protein diet and has got down to 3% body fat. WOW.. He has also been training for increased arm strength and has been focusing on his lower body to increase his strength from his passing leg and i have seen the difference in his power first hand and it is truly remarkable. Tebow is set to lead the team next season and has been reported to have said "i learned a lot last season and couldn't wait to grab the reigns as the season wore on" On Orton " Kyle is a great guy, he has what it takes to lead a team...He is my number one fan and wants me to succeed as the starter, however he is a starter and if he cant do it here than he will pursue other avenues"

Elway has been reported to have "enjoyed" being part of the draft.  I too enjoyed this years draft.  We filled positions that needed to be filled and i feel as though we will fill the remaining ones with free agency.  Also do some research on some of the Undrafted DE and DT's, you will be shocked what you find!!!

I have read reports about Fat Albert Haynesworth becoming a Bronco and personally i think this to be a horrible idea.  I know with looming health issues and questionable work ethic he would be a horrible fit for our squad. But again look around at who might be available coming into free agency and you will be happily surprised. 

Von Miller will be a huge help to a healthy Dumervil and according to my sources Dumervil has compensated during his pectoral injury rehabilitation with increased back and shoulder workouts which will keep him healthy and he is also bulking up for next season to regain his title Elvis "THE KING" Dumervil ....    Von Miller has gained upwards of 30 lbs since being recruited and is set to be in prime condition come season start.  Von will be an instant impact LB in the league and will make our pass defense so much better.  However I am nervous about our Run defense. 

I am new to the Mile HIgh Report and love to talk about my/our beloved Broncos.  Please post your comments and lets talk about this team that we love..


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