McD, you will always have a place in my heart.

In my heart

In my heart

In my heart

McD, you will always have a place in my heart

While many of you are absolutely, positively, ecstatic about ''EFX'' * and the recent draft, there is one camper that will be sitting on the sidelines pouting and shouting, kicking and screaming until the day after tomorrow.


Unlike a great deal many of you, I love(d) McDaniels, what he was trying to do and what stood for.

Many of you will put down under the comment line intelligent comments such as ''What he stood for? You mean cheating and lying'' or ''You mean how he single handily dismantled the organization from the inside out?'' or my favorite ''How he ran out the best players our of Denver?''.

However I never saw any of those. What I saw the first year was McDaniels running out of town players who didn't deserve to be wearing a Broncos jersey. Then I saw an over confidence mixed with over exhaustion by the players allow a 6-0 start end with 2-8. Looking at the team that started that season makes me cringe. Jay Cutler, gone. In comes Kyle Orton, what? Marshal, out. Gaffney and Lloyd come in, who? He absolutely demolished the offense in the off-season and built it from absolutely no one. Sure you have a decent line but how smart is it to put someone who didn't finish an entire season without getting injured? How smart is it to tell your star receiver that enough is enough? How smart is it to move away from the conventional 4-3 to a 3-4 hybrid?

Not smart. Not smart at all.

McDaniels took plenty of risks. Those risks payed off, he took a team that in reality was absolutely horrific filled with no names and received a 6-0 start, an above average quarterback, an NFL leading pass rusher who came extremely close to knocking out Strahan's record of most sacks in a single season and soon he would receive a star receiver in place of the one who's talents we're shipped off to South Beach.

McDaniels was resembling McGyver and not an NFL coach. When he was in a bind he seemed to be able to produce someone out of a pack of gum and tooth floss.

Then there was that terrifying and almost genocidal 2-8 fall. The Broncos we're knocked out of the playoffs and it was another year without playoff contention. For many people reality was still not sinking in. They kept asking themselves ''Why do you football gods play these cruel jokes!?''. I was in denial, I assumed we had a playoff caliber team. I assumed that we had the talent, we had the personnel, we had the coaches. Now I look back and realize that it wasn't true. We were herrings. Herrings swimming in the Atlantic Ocean amongst the tuna and the octopuses. Small but fast herrings that didn't give up swimming against the currents. We defied Poseidon for as long as we could until he snatched us up with his stick and cooked us over a grill. 

The draft came and we were all excited. The Broncos chose a couple young guys for the O-line, a receiver and the one that some at MHR refer to as ''The Golden Child''. No, not Eddie Murphy. His name was Tebow. Tim Tebow.

After the draft there was competition and plenty of it. The brightest spot was our receiving corps. We had too many receivers to choose from and in the end had to let 'The Slot Machine' go to the over achieving Seattle Seahawks. Kyle Orton was once again our starter. Dumervil our sack machine in the season prior; had been injured during practice and was not expected to return during the regular season. The season was over in my eyes even before it started.

Unlike the year prior, there was no 6-0 start, there was no talk of a playoff spot. On the contrary people were calling for McD's head, they were calling for Tebow to start and for Orton to give up. This happened 3 games prior to the end of the season, a year early McD was given the boot. Stud came in and gave Tebow a shot to show what he was made of. To some he showed enough to be considered the next Ryan Leaf and to others he showed enough to be considered the next virgin version of Big Ben.

The first time I heard the news that McD was fired was while I was partying at some campus in New Jersey. It was a terrible place for me to hear the news because I started partying more to ease the pain, to suppress the sorrow of the inevitable. I had gone on a maniacal binge that night. It was a night that I will never forget. It's hard for me to say if I will always remember that night because of his firing or that I will never forget his firing because of that night. Either way McDaniels will always have a special place in my heart.

He destroyed an offense and re-built it in one year, made it even better in two years. He destroyed a defense and never got a chance to work on it. Looking at the draft and paraphrasing ''EFX'' 'You will only get a certain amount done in either the draft or the FA, you won't get everything done in one.''

Rebuilding the Broncos will require a lot. No matter what happens in the future, McDaniels will always leave an imprint on this team for years to come due to his diligent picking of offensive players in the recent draft. Decker, DT and Tebow have still to show what they can do. He gave us Floyd, Orton, Tebow, Decker, DT, Brian Dawkins, Vickerson, Beadles, Walton, Cox (hope he isn't guilty) and others who just weren't that good to mention.

P.S. If he cheated we would have won. Cheaters win that's how you can tell their cheating.

A McDaniels poem for a McDaniels coach


The Obvious


" We didn't deny the obvious
but we didn't entirely accept it either

We said hello to it each morning in the foyer
we patted its little head as it made a mess in the backyard
but we never nurtured it.

Many nights the obvious showed up at our bedroom door in its pajamas
unable to sleep, in need of a hug

and we just stared at it like an Armenian
or even worse hid beneath the covers
and pretended not to hear its tiny sobs."


It was really hard to find a decent and not creepy poem from this guy. All his poems were about heads rollings.

* I hate whoever comes up with these abbreviations. These guys represent the Broncos not themselves. I also hated that McX thing, their not fighter jets. Are we making employees of the Broncos organization into military prototypes? Will there be an EFX-2012?

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