Random Thoughts...

1. Does anyone else hate "Bleacher Report?"  I can't stand Googling something and having to wade through 75% of the Bleacher Report replies that are mostly done by kids living in their Mom's basement.  Is there anyway to block that stupid thing so I never have to see it again?

2. One annoying topic I have read more than once has to do with Knowshon Moreno.  I keep reading how we have to acquire a running back that can "compliment" Knowshon.  Am I the only one that thinks that Knowshon has not shown enough to be considered a #1 running back?  Am I the only one who thinks that if we acquired Deangelo Williams, Knowshon would actually have to compliment him?

3. So the 2012 draft talk has already started.  People are already talking about what our needs will be.  Obviously, the discussion starts with DT and CB.  In my opinion, those may definitely end up being out biggest needs but I'm going to throw a couple of others at you that I wouldn't be surprised at.  First, a wide receiver.  Brandon Lloyd had a career year and while I hope he can repeat it, I have my doubts.  Jabar Gaffney is solid, but is getting older.  D Thomas has all the potential in the world if he could ever get on the field.  Eddie Royal is a quality #2 or #3 WR.  Decker has the potential to be a #2.  So, there is a decent chance that we may be looking for a legit #1 WR next draft.  I'm not predicting it, but I wouldn't be shocked if it happens.

Another position that I wouldn't be surprised we address would be DE.  Robert Ayers, thus far, has shown me nothing.  We will see how he transitions to the 4-3.  If it goes as I expect, DE might be as big a need for us as DT come next year.  I'm crossing my fingers, but I have my doubts.  

4. I am as big a Tebow fan as there is on MHR.  I was one of the few people defending him here on MHR before we picked him.  I want him to start now and am curious to see what he has.  My question: What do you have to see from Tebow in 2011 to prevent you from drafting a franchise QB in 2012?  What kind of numbers?  Sometimes it is hard to quantify success, I know, but for the sake of this discussion, let's do it anyway.  In my opinion, statistically, I want to see 20 TD passes and over 2800 yards of passing.  I'm not too concerned with the INT's unless they are Jay Cutleresque.  I want to see a comfort in passing in the pocket that he didn't show in 2010.  I want to see the ability to make some red zone passes that he didn't show in 2010.  That is really all I am looking for.  How about you?

5.  I am as guilty as anyone, but the Von Miller and Derrick Thomas comparisons must end.  I didn't remember this but Derrick Thomas had 27 sacks in 1988 for Alabama!  Von Miller, or anyone else playing today, is not even sniffing that.  Von has a chance to be a very special impact player, and I am super excited for his prospects, but his impact will likely be felt in different ways than Derrick Thomas.

6.  Here is my current draft pet peeve:  I hate when teams are called "brilliant" in their draft performance because they acquire players who slip.  For example, the Lions picked Nick Fairley after he slipped from the top ten.  I would not classify this as brilliant, I would classify this as "lucky."  Another example is the Buccaneers.  They were called brilliant because they took Da'Quan Bowers in the second round.  This is not brilliant.  This is a team willing to assume more risk than another team.  A team does not draft well merely by acquiring a player who slips to them, a team drafts well by picking players who are good.  In my opinion, a clearly brilliant pick is Ryan Mallet for the Patriots.  It does not take cunning and strategy to pick a player who falls into your lap.  

7.  Is there any chance that Von Miller gets his weight up to 255 and becomes a DE in a year or two?  I'm not saying I advocate it but I would be open to considering it.  If I had to bet, I would bet that Von will be a DE in two years.  Maybe I am wrong.  He is already 245 and has sub 4.5 speed.  I wonder if that is our long term intention.  If Von ends up getting to the QB all the time, the team might make the tactical consideration to put him in a position to do nothing but go after the QB every chance he can.  Again, I love him as a SAM LB, don't get me wrong, I'm just curious.

8. One of my favorite things about our 2011 draft class is that we drafted players that have a seemingly high character.  They seem to be team-first type guys who work hard and play the game because they love it.  I'm hoping this was a conscious decision by EFX.  

9.  So, let me ask you.  Who are the top three undrafted free agents you would want us to acquire?  Mine are:

- Ian Williams DT

- Ryan Winterswyk DE

- Deunta Williams S

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