7 more irrelevant thoughts

Hello there Bronco's fans, I have more thoughts to share, and this time there is a discalimer.

In thought number 3 I disucss my opinion of the Mendenhall statements, and I have no desire to offend anyone, so feel free to skip that one if you don't want to discuss it. I don't want to come across wrong on the point, I love America and I am very proud of my country. My Brother is a Marine, and 2 of my close friends are Army Special Forces. I feel I clarified that in the post, but I do not agree with Mr. Mendenhall.

Also for anyone here who is religious, please say a Prayer for SSG Ofren Arrechaga's family. He was killed last month in Afghanistan, and his family is dealing with the loss. His wife was a good friend of mine when I was younger and I feel very bad for them. He left behind a wonderful wife and very handsome young son. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

God Bless America

1.       I’ll start out by saying I think Denver fans are the most spoiled fans out there. Mostly I blame this on John Elway. Hear me out before you attack the comments section tho. John Elway is arguably one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game, and he played very well for a long time in Denver. Since he left we have been waiting for the “Next John Elway” which will likely never happen. Look at the last few QB’s Denver has had. Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, and on reserve Brady Quinn. That’s an impressive list by any standards, but how many teams in the league would love for a QB who can win games?


Kyle Orton is a great quarterback, and will go on to be successful elsewhere when he departs Denver (This Season via trade or Next via Free Agency). Tim Tebow is very talented, and I personally believe he will also be successful. Brady Quinn is a walking punchline in Denver, and is vastly underrated. How many teams can honestly say they could Start the 3rd string QB and still have a chance to win games? Just my thoughts, but I think we have the best Depth Chart at QB in the league, and as Sayre pointed out to me, the only other team with similar depth is Philadelphia.  Very talented group, and its good to know whatever decision the front office makes we will be looking at a good starter in the QB position.


2.       I think one affect of this lockout no one is talking about is contract holdouts. Normally right now teams are beginning contract negotiations with the draft picks, and that process usually takes several months because each picks salary largely depends on the players selected in the slots around them. Even under the best of circumstances there is often missed time by 1st round players. If I recall correctly Tim Tebow missed a few days, and I would consider him to be one of the most respectable individuals in the NFL. If negotiations can’t begin til July or August, there is no chance of getting 1st round draft picks on the field by Training camp, and possibly not even game 1. The only way to avoid this is for the court to issue a stay and force league year to start soon, or if a rookie wage scale is in place that limits negotiations.


3.       I am going to make a statement that will probably upset a few of you, but give Mendenhall a break. His comments were in bad taste, at a bad time, and I completely disagree with his opinion. He has a right to that opinion, and as Americans, we have a right to call that opinion stupid. I don’t know Mendenhall, and maybe he is as ignorant as his tweets made him seem. But one point I understood, was I was surprised there was so much celebration. I will admit I was happy to hear of OBL’s death, and it was a great day for America. I do however feel slightly guilty about being happy about someones death, even someone as evil as OBL.


I also understand his skepticism about what occurred on September 11 2001. I have no doubt that average Americans do not know all that occurred. There are plenty of questions unanswered, in my heart though, I believe in Bin Ladin’s guilt, and perhaps that’s because I am educated, and done research in a desire to know more. If Mendenhall doubts his guilt then he should research the facts as well.


I am not trying to justify his thoughts, because I completely disagree with them, but I think we should let it go. If you were to read all of my tweets you would surely find some that are inappropriate, immature, and downright stupid. I am not a celebrity, so my stupid opinions go ignored. What Mendenhall wrote was irresponsible and ignorant, but many times you cannot properly express opinions in 140 characters.  


4.       Back to football. I am excited about Von Miller, and I truly believe we will bring out a pretty good defense this season. No we haven’t reached elite status, but we should be better, which isn’t too difficult since we were the worst Defense in the NFL last season. I think we did a great job of addressing needs. Like everyone else I wish we could have gotten someone at DT, but I am also glad to see that EFX did not reach for a DT. They weren’t sold on any of those players, and that’s fine, we can address that position in the Draft next season. Hopefully we can address DT in Free Agency, as well as add depth at CB and HB. I would love to see the saints Bush, or Carolinas Williams in Blue and Orange.


5.       I think if we trade Kyle Orton it should be for a Starting DT. It doesn’t have to be a superstar, but an adequate starter. I would like to see us bring in someone who can fill the position well for a couple years while Denver drafts and develops some talent. Many will say that asking price is too high, but honestly, I think we undervalue Orton’s abilities. He is a talent, and it might be wise to keep him for the first few weeks of the season even if Tebow starts as injury insurance. Also teams that realize the starters they have on the roster aren’t winning or an early injury to a starter elsewhere may push Orton’s value up to a desperate team.  


6.       Back to Defense for a moment. Denver is returning almost the entire staring offense, excluding perhaps Ryan Harris. So with little or no training camp before game 1 we should still be able to put a decent offense with some rhythm on the field. Our defense will likely have 4 or 5 new starters, and I think that’s an advantage. While I think practice time is important on both sides of the ball, the offense requires more familiarity with each other. With a short time to prepare, we can gain an edge on teams with a new offense that have to develop rhythm between QB and WR/RB.


7.       And the final thought for the day, is I think if this lockout continues, then K.O. and Tebow need to sit down and figure out a training plan for the team. They both have earned a right to start, and both are good leaders. It would be great for the team if they organized a player camp similar to what New Orleans is doing, and did it together. Both as leaders, both showing that they are willing to put their own competition aside for the best of the teams. The worst thing that could happen would be they plan camps separately and split the team. We have seen it before and divided locker rooms do not win football games.


Thanks for reading, as always feel free to follow on Twitter: @JDForrer

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