What About the Offense?


What about the offense?  All this talk about defense but I keep thinking we may have the makings of a phenomenal offense.  Maybe not this year, as I am sure there will be some growing pains, but certainly in the next couple or years. If Tebow develops into a great QB like we all think he will our offense will be killer.  It is stacked with young talent that will only get better.   We have a very good group of receivers and just acquired some talent at TE. Our offensive line should be much improved with guys coming back from injuries and the gained experience for the young guys.  We are one RB away from having a nice group of guys in the backfield.  Let us continue after the jump.

WR/TE/Passing Game:


We have a Pro Bowl veteran receiver in B Lloyd, Eddie Royal and 3 developing young playmakers at WR in D. Thomas, Decker, and Willis. We now have 2 incredibly talented and athletic TEs to add to the weapons in the pass game and that will cause fits for the opposing team in the red zone. I was thinking that with the edition of J. Thomas and V. Green the Broncos may have the best receiving corps in the league.  If D. Thomas can get healthy and start playing half way through the season and we develop both Julius and Virgil into all around TEs the Broncos will have some dangerous offensive weapons in the passing game.  Decker looked good in his limited opportunities, Demaryius has phenomenal potential as a dangerous big play threat if we can get him healthy, Lloyd was great last year(Brandon Marshall who?), Eddie looked pretty good in the slot last year, Gaffney is a solid, dependable veteran, and Willis was the training camp standout last year. I think it is safe to say that we have no weaknesses here.


Offensive Line:


We have a stud LT in Clady who should be back to dominating this year. Kuper is better than average RG.   I think Walton and Beadles will be much improved in their second year. I also think that Franklin is a potentially run blocking stud at RT but is probably going to be our biggest weak spot on the line this year because he needs some work at his pass blocking skills from the tackle position.  It is also possible that they move him inside but I’m not sold on Beadles at RT.  Hopefully we can find a way to retain Harris for at least one more year and I am confident that with some continuity and better coaching our O-line will be strength next year.


Running Back/Running Game:


I think Moreno and White are solid and will show it this year. The RB position took a big hit with injuries last year. Moreno got off to a rough start and has not had enough time to truly develop but looked great toward the end of the year.  I also thought White looked solid as a short yardage, grind it out guy to get us those tough yards but his season ended with injury.  Both guys will be back healthy this year and I think it will help dramatically. We also know that we will be adding someone at RB to bolster production.  In addition, I feel like most of our struggles in the run game last year came because we had a coach who had no idea what he was doing in that department and we had a makeshift line most of the year due to injuries and the 2 starting rookies.  We ran the ball much better towards the end of the year when Studesville took over and our line had better continuity.  Also, we have a new coach this year who knows how to run the ball and will reinstall the zone blocking scheme that has been much more successful for the Broncos. 




This is a tough one to examine because who knows who is going to start.  Orton is the named starter but signs point to Tebow starting this year.  Either way I am not as worried about it as I thought I would be.  If Orton stays and starts then he will be able to put up numbers and put us in a position to win most games.  He can make all the throws and makes good decisions.  Yes, he hasn’t proved he can win or get a needed 3rd down but let’s be honest; he had very little help last year.  If Tebow starts I can assume that he will make plays, make mistakes, and be able to win and lose games for us.  He is not as good of a passer as Orton at this point in his career but he does have the uncanny ability to make plays when we need them the most and make a team better based on sheer effort and leadership.  Most likely, Tebow will miss open receivers and throw some bad interceptions but he has much more ability to make plays with his feet and is a better option in the red zone.  Either way, I think that each QB has their strengths and weaknesses but that both have the potential to be good enough for us to win some games this year.  I have a hunch Tebow may get the nod as the Broncos look towards the future, but, as of now, guessing is the best I can do.


 If we can stay healthy and these guys develop this has the making to be a potent offense.  The future here is very bright.



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