Conrad's Post-draft Thoughts

Ok, I must admit that I'm sick of the knee-jerk reactions of Bronco fans around the net and especially here at MHR. But, after 2 years of head-scratching McDaniels' draft, I understand why Bronco fans were up in arms (no, it's not a Bin Laden joke). I want to explain why I'm optimistic about the current organization and the direction of the team. Please note, that I'm not usually optimistic, but rather realistic and stoic about these things.

1) EFX have a well-presented, (almost) transparent agenda. They say they want to run the ball and play defense. I have seen nothing but support of this pretext. I know, but Conrad they didn't draft a DT or a RB! We will get to that later.

2) I loved the 2011 Bronco draft because the Broncos set up a draft board and stuck to it. I know most folks say we needed to draft a DT and RB! The Broncos made a decision to draft Von Miller number 2 overall. They knew that DT was probably a bigger need, but went with what they felt was the better player. They then traded down with the 36th pick to get 4th and 5th round picks, which I loved. They realized that they need more talent on this team. Blame who you want I don't care, they felt like they need more talent and I agree. They drafted FS Rahim Moore over DT's Stephen Paea and Marvin Austin. Why did they do this? Brian Xanders answered by saying they had Moore above both of them. He said that Paea is a smaller DT with shorter arms and Austin had character issues. I agree with both assessments. Do they they both have talent? Of course they both do, but the Broncos trifecta have a plan and they executed it. I feel that Moore will at worst compete for the FS spot. I think Carter will be the backup for SS. Nate Irving will compete for the MLB position and as a 3rd round pick, would you expect more? Jeremy Beal, whom we got in the 7th round, was a tremendously productive college DE. Wasn't that why so many people wanted us to draft Casey Matthews?  The Broncos drafted the highest player on their draft board and that's what good teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Baltimore do.

3) Tim Tebow verses Kyle Orton. I have to say my 2 cents on this. I will outline my thoughts here and they are subjective, so let the flames begin. Tim Tebow will be our 2011 starting QB because of the following:

  • EFX realize the organization drafted Tebow in the first round. Yes, they have an investment that they have to test drive. 2011 is a year that they realize can almost be throw-away with the new regime. They won't say that but, trust me, they know this. They need to know what they have going forward so they can figure out the organizational direction.
  • Tebow is dynamic. Yes, that could mean like Rex Grossman dynamic (get it, the guy that the Bears drafted while they already had Orton). Or that could mean like the good Donovan McNabb or anything better. I believe McNabb would be a decent comparison to Timmy. 
  • Orton is not dynamic. Ok, I understand some people think that's a good thing. He's a great game-manager that's going to execute the game plan. But in my not-so humble opinion, he freaks out under pressure and he doesn't have the best pocket prescience. For pocket prescience, see Jay Cutler, the bi-atch that he is. He's not mobile and has questionable mid to deep accuracy. Yes, I know McDaniel's offense made him look good, but I don't see him as a long-term solution and this organization is looking at that now in Tebow.
  • Kyle Orton is going to make like 9 million. Not researching the exact number. He's not going to be a backup and that's way too much money for his production as a starter for a team that's rebuilding.

4) Free Agency hasn't started yet. I truly believe that EFX has a plan. Is it a great plan? I don't know. They have said a lot about that they will be addressing DT and RB in free agency. I believe that. Will it be the top-end free-agents that I want to see? I doubt that, but I believe the Broncos have a long-term strategy and I'm not privy to that. I'm willing to give a benefit of the doubt because of how the draft was executed, but we'll see after FA. Obviously, we will see a lot more after free agency.

My expectations for 2011 are not all that high. I would like to see the Broncos run the ball and play decent defense. I would like to see us win some games, but I'm looking more for how the organization works through things. I believe this year is a base to build the organization to become contenders in the future.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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