2011 Denver Broncos Rookie Class Over/Unders

Everybody has their opinions about how the Draft went, so lets put our hypothetical money where our anonymous driven internet mouthpieces are...  Please explain answers in comments

Von Miller - Over / Under 50 tackles, 7 sacks...


Rahim Moore - Over / Under 60 tackles 6 interceptions...


Orlando Franklin - Over / Under 10 starts...


Nate Irving - Over / Under 10 tackles for loss...


Quinton Carter - Over / Under 8 starts 5 picks, 1 season ending injury delivered to a Raider receiver...


Julius Thomas - Over / Under 10 catches, 2 TD


Mike Mohamed - Over / Under 35 tackles


Virgil Green - Over / Under 1 regular season catch...


Jeremy Beal - Over / Under 1 sack...


My answers,

Von Miller - Over - I am thinking this guy could finish the season with around 12 sacks.  50 tackles seems right though.

Rahim Moore - I came up with the odds and I think these are right on, but for gamesmanship I'll say Over - He's going to be in on a lot of tackles next year as our starting FS, that number could get closer to 75.  I hope he nabs 8 interceptions...

Orlando Franklin - Under - This to me is the mistake pick.  Franklin is unsure of a position and his scouting report reads a lot like Zane Beadles did.  I'm not saying Beadles was a bad pick, but how many reaches can one franchise get right on in 2 years?  I think he has six starts at RT and two at LG swapping spots with Beadles.  But I hope I'm wrong.

Nate Irving - Under - 10 TFL's is a lot for a rookie MLB.  I think he'll be really good in coverage, but with the shambles our front 4 appears to be in I don't see him getting to the backfield to frequently.

Quinton Carter - Over - There's no way this guy doesn't end at least 2 Raiders season's... joking aside Carter was my favorite draft pick of the year.  He could start right away.

Julius Thomas - Over - This was a tough one, he might not start a game.  But there is a great void at TE on Denver's roster and somebody has to fill it.  Again the numbers I listed sound right (I did make them up) but I'll go over because of Demaryius Thomas' injury leaving an opening for big red zone targets like Thomas to grab some TD's.

Mike Mohamed - Under - I don't see this guy starting this year, but he could rack up 25 tackles as a reserve player and special teams hitter.

Virgil Green - Over - I don't think he tops 10 catches though, his selection was about value and admitting that Thomas is a risky project.

Jeremy Beal - Under - I see him as a special teamer and a guy who doesn't see much time on defensive line.

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