A statistical review of Orton's 2010 season

Thanks to BroncoPH, I had a chance to look at some really interesting pieces of data that one could use to analyze what the Broncos have or don't have in KO. This is not intended to be a post to denigrate KO or to glorify TT. The numbers below are presented without comment for the MHR community (those who haven't already bothered to look them up) to evaluate.

Draw your our conclusions and remember the context in terms of running game and offensive line play.

So first the normally expressed stats that even John Madden can understand - 13 games, 498 attempts, 293 completions, 58.8% completion, 3635 yds, 20 TD, 9 INT

Now a bunch of other stats and NFL rankings in those stats for KO in 2010


QB rating - 87.5 (15th)

Passing Yds/g - 281 (4th)

TD% - 4.0% (21st)

Int% - 1.8% (7th)

Yards/attempt - 7.3 (13th)

Adjusted yards gained/attempt - 7.3 (10th)

Yards gained/completion - 12.5 (5th) 

Sack % - (11th worst) - best was P. Manning at 2.3%, worst Cutler at 10.7%

Win Probability Added (WPA) - 0.12 (23rd) - best was Ryan at 4.75, worst was Clausen at -1.83

WPA/g - 0.01 (24th) - best was Ryan at 0.30, worst was Delhomme at -0.37

Expected Points added (EPA) - 50.3 (15th), best was Brady at 151.8, worst was Clausen at -83.7

EPA/play - 0.09 (24th) - best was Brady at 0.27 , worst was Clausen at -0.23

Success Rate - 44.8% (25th) - best was P. Manning at 53.0%, worst was Clausen at 33.8%

% of completions going for more than 15 yds - 23.5% (9th) - best was Young at 32.7%, worst was Bradford at 12.5%

Passing plays going for 25+ yds - 35 (tied for 3rd) - best was Rivers at 43, worst was Clausen with 11 in 13 games

% First Downs/completion - 34.7% (18th) - best was Rivers at 43.3%, worst was Clausen at 24.4%

Pass Completion % during late and close game situations - 49.3% (25th) - Brees was best at 70.2%, Cassel was worst at 41.7%

Completion % on 1st and 10 - 61.8% (22nd) - best was E. Manning at 72.6%, worst was Clausen at 48.8%

4th quarter completion % - 57.4% (15th) - best was Brees at 65.5%, worst Sanchez at 48.1%

% First Downs/attempt on 3rd and long - 21.1% (34th) - best was Reothlisberger at 45.1%, worst was Anderson at 13.8%

% First Downs/attempt on 3rd and medium - 42.6% (19th) - best was Henne at 63.6%, worst was Smith at 30.2%

% First Downs/attempt on 3rd and short - 44.4% (24th but only 9 attempts) - best was Reothlisberger at 85.7%, worst was Grossman at 16.7% (only 6 attempts)

Overall % 1st down conversion on 3rd Down -  32.5% (31st) - best was Reothlisberger at 50.7%, worst was Anderson at 25.8%

QB rating inside opponents 20 - 91.5 (18th) - best was Romo 121.8, worst Favre 58.2

QB rating inside opponents 10 - 88.3 (17th) - best was Brady 112.3, worst was Favre at 44.3 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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