Depth Charts

I usually wait until training camp is rolling around to even touch the depth charts, but usually after the draft most of the pieces that will change, have. Unlike most other years though, we have a hovering Collective Bargaining Dis-Agreement. Its stagnated the normal offseason activities even for us fans. So why not start posting depth charts already?? The following Depth Chart is not extremely heavily thought out. It's just my first version based on personal taste. 

The Offense:

QB - Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn, (a new Free Agent for the 3rd string after trading Orton for a 2nd or even 3rd round pick)

RB - Knowshon Moreno, DeAngelo Williams, Correl Buckhalter, Lance Ball (I hope Williams follows Fox here to give us two starter-quality runningbacks that can share the load of a heavy run game. Buckhalter is great too as a third down back and another runner to share the weight, though not one of the main options)

WR1 - Brandon Lloyd, Jabbar Gaffney (stellar reliable receivers that have strong production and are already veteran leaders at their positions and on the offense in general)

WR2 - Demarius Thomas, Eric Decker (great big play ability with DT, and Decker would be great on third downs to move the chains)

SlotWR - Eddie Royal, Matt Willis (Eddie Royal will probably see most of our action in the slot - which wont get used nearly as often as it used to - and Willis is a guy that is also startable. He had great chemisty with Tebow last preseason, so did Decker for that matter)

TE - Thomas/Quinn, Green (I'd be happy with either Thomas or Quinn, and think that they will rotate around or both be in based on playcall anyways. Green is situational right now because of how raw he is, but I think he'll see some action on passing downs.)

LT - Clady (duh)

LG - Beadles (the kid played best here, and seemed to play and coordinate with Walton rather well, which will only get better)

C - Walton (played pretty darn good for a rookie, the experience should aid him greatly this year)

RG - Kuper (one of the senior members of your young and tenacious O-line, solid start here)

RT - Franklin (assuming the WHOLE offseason isnt in shambles, this guy might be able to get some technique instruction and coaching enough to be a viable starter for us right away. He's definitely got the physical tools, attitude, and ferocity to handle the job).


The Defense:

This is just an on-paper depth chart, as alignments and personnel differ things a lot - like Ayers sliding in to DT and Von coming up at DE on definite passing downs, etc.

DT1 - Kevin Vickerson (resigned, I hope we also resign Justin Bannan for DE/DT depth)

DT2 - Marcus Thomas (hopefully resigned, especially since the pickings out there in FA are not ideal this year)

RDE -Elvis Dumervil, then Jason Hunter I suppose

LDE - Robert Ayers, I really see Von Miller as the first replacement at either end position, since we have LBs we can plug in his starting spot if need be.

ROLB - DJ Williams, Joe Mays

MLB - Nate Irving, Spencer Larson

LOLB - Von Miller, Wesley Woodyard (I like the idea of keeping Woody and Spence because theyre smaller and faster LBs that are a closer fit to Fox's mold, plus they are Special Teams aces).

CB1 - Champ Bailey, Syd'Quan Thompson

CB2 - Perrish Cox (assuming he doesn't go to prison), Cassius Vaugn

CB3 (nickel) - Syd'Quan Thompson

SS - Brian Dawkins, Quentin Carter, David Bruton

FS - Rahim Moore, Darcel McBath


I know this isn't a complete depth chart yet, but these are the players I like the most and hope will earn (and earn with flying colors) starting spots based on excellent improvement over the course of the offseason. Hope it gets the collective MHR wheels turning. I am not a big fan of Draft Mocks, as they're REALLY unpredicatable. However, I LOVE me some Roster Mocks! Post your own rosters below (or in your own fanposts) I'm craving them already!

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